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Planning and Operation of Automated Taxi SystemsXiao LiangT2019/13Sep-19978-90-5584-255-1
Unravelling Mode and Route Choice Behaviour of Active Mode UsersDanique TonT2019/12Sep-19978-90-5584-254-4
Vessel Route Choice Model and Operational Model Based on Optimal ControlYaqing ShuT2019/11Sep-19978-90-5584-253-7
Traffic Management Optimization of Railway NetworksXiaojie LuanT2019/10Jul-2019978-90-5584-252-0
Container Transport inside the Port Area and to the HinterlandQu HuT2019/9Jul-2019978-90-5584-250-6
Toll Roads in Indonesia: transport system, accessibility, spatial and equity impactsIG Ayu AndaniT2019/8Jun-2019978-90-5584-249-0
Sustainability of Deep Sea Mining Transport PlansWenbin MaT2019/7Jun-2019978-90-5584-251-3
Railway Wheel Defect IdentificationAlireza AlemiT2019/6Jan-2019978-94-6384-010-1
Consumers, Business Models and Electric VehiclesFanchao LiaoT2019/5May-2019978-90-5584-248-3
A Novel Design of the Transport Infrastructure for Traffic Simulation ModelsGuus TammingaT2019/4Mar-2019978-90-5584-247-6
Controlled Perishable Goods Logistics: Real-time coordination for fresher productsXiao LinT2019/3Jan-2019978-90-5584-246-9
Green Bulk Terminals: A strategic level approach to solid biomass terminal designIoannis DafnomilisT2019/2Jan-2019978-90-5584-245-2
Information Integration and Intelligent Control of Port Logistics SystemFan FengT2019/1Jan-2019978-90-5584-244-5
Turbulence in Traffic at Motorway Ramps and its Impact on Traffic Operations and SafetyAries van BeinumT2018/2Dec-18978-90-5584-243-8
Assessment of Capacity and Risk: A Framework for Vessel Traffic in PortsXavier Bellsola OlbaT2018/11Dec-18978-90-5584-241-4
The Effects of using Mobile Phones and Navigation Systems during DrivingAllert KnapperT2018/10Dec-18978-90-5584-242-1
Driver Behaviour during Control Transitions between Adaptive Cruise Control and Manual Driving: empirics and modelsSilvia VarottoT2018/9Dec-18978-90-5584-240-7
Cycling Safe and SoundAgnieszka Stelling-KonczakT2018/8Nov-18978-90-5584-239-1
The Potential of Social Routing AdviceMariska van EssenT2018/7Oct-18978-90-5584-237-7
Maintenance Optimization for Railway Infrastructure NetworksZhou SuT2018/6Sep-18978-90-5584-238-4
Residual Ultimate Strength of Seamless Metallic Pipelines with Structural DamageJie CaiT2018/5Sep-18978-90-5584-236-0
Short-turning Trains during Full Blockages in Railway Disruption ManagementNadjla GhaemiT2018/4Jul-18978-90-5584-234-6
Multimodal Transportation Simulation for EmergenciesJeroen van der GunT2018/3May-18978-90-5584-235-3
Optimal Trabsportation Plans and Portfolios for Synchromodal Container NetworksBart van RiessenT2018/2Mar-18978-90-5584-232-2
Network-Level Analysis of the Market and Performance of Intermodeal Freight TransportHamid SaeediT2018/1Mar-18978-90-5584-233-9
The Design, Planning and Execution of Sustainable Intermodal Port-hinterland Transport NetworksPanagiotis YpsilantisT2017/14Dec-17978-90-5892-4674
Fast Model Predictive Control Approaches for Road Traffic ControlYu HanT2017/13Dec-17978-90-5584-230-8
Train Trajectory Optimization Methods for Engergy-Efficient Railway OperationsPengling WangT2017/12Dec-1798-90-5584-231-5
Efficient Algorithms for Network-Wide Road Traffic ControlGoof van de WegT2017/11Oct-17978-90-5584-229-2
Energy Saving for Belt Conveyors by Speed ControlDaijie HeT2017/10Jul-17978-90-5584-228-5
Integrated Capacity Assessment and Timetabling Models for Dense Railway NetworksNikola BesinovicT2017/9Jul-17978-90-5584-226-1
Surface Wear Reduction of Bulk Solids Handling Equipment Using Bionic DesignGuangming ChenT2017/8Jun-17978-90-5584-227-8
Situation Awareness for Socio Technical Systems: A simulation gaming study in intermodal transport operationsShalini KurapatiT2017/7June-17978-90-5584-225-4
Efficient Predictive Model-Based and Fuzzy Control for Green Urban MobilityAnahita JamshidnejadT2017/6June-17978-90-5584-224-7
Consumer Heterogeneity, Transport and the EnvironmentYashar AraghiT2017/5May-17978-90-5584-223-0
Transport Networks, Land Use and Travel Behaviour: A long term investigationDena Kasraian MoghaddamT2017/4May-17978-90-5584-220-9
Strategic Network Modelling for Passenger Transport PricingErik-Sander SmitsT2017/3May-17978-90-5584-222-3
Bottum-up Information Provision in Urban ParkingGeert TasseronT2017/2Mar-17978-90-5584-219-3
Strategic Modeling of Global Container Transport NetworksRonald HalimT2017/1Mar-17978-90-5584-220-9
Condition-Based Maintenance for Complex SystemsMinou Olde KeizerT2016/26Dec-16978-90-5584-217-9
Coordinated of Waterborne AGVsHuarong ZhengT2016/25Dec-16978-90-5584-218-6
Capacity Drop on FreewaysKai YuanT2016/24Dec-16978-90-5584-212-4
Coordinated Planning of Inland Vessels for Large SeaportsShijie LiT2016/23Dec-16978-90-5584-216-2
The Influence of Herding on Departure Choice in Case of an EvacuationMignon van den BergT2016/22Dec-16978-90-5584-215-5
Multi-Agent Control of Urban Transportation Networks and of Hybrid Systems with Limited Information SharingRenshi LuoT2016/21Nov-16978-90-5584-213-1
Microscopic Modelling of Walking BehaviourMario Carlos CampanellaT2016/20Nov-16978-90-5584-214-8
Coordination in Hinterland ChainsMartijn van der HorstT2016/19Nov-16978-90-5584-211-7
Securing SafetyWillem BeukenkampT2016/18Oct-16978-90-5584-210-0
Articles on Parking PolicyGiuliano MingardoT2016/17Oct-16978-90-5584-209-4
Analysis and Modelling of Pedestrian Movement Dynamics at Large-scale EventsDorine DuivesT2016/16Oct-16978-90-5584-208-7
Contextual Factors of Sustainable Supply Chain Management Practices in the Oil and Gas IndustryKarimah Wan AhmadT2016/15Sep-16978-90-5584-206-3
Prediction of Belt Conveyor Idler PerformanceXiangwei LiuT2016/14Sep-16978-90-5584-207-0
Stochastic Models for Order Picking SystemsJelmer van der GaastT2016/13Sep-16978-90-589-2455-1
Practice Oriented Algorithmic Disruption Management in Passenger RailwaysJoris WagenaarT2016/12Sep-16978-90-589-2452-0
A Bounded Rationality Model of Short and Long-Term Dynamics of Activity-Travel BehaviorIfigeneia PsarraT2016/11Mar-16978-90-386-4012-9
The Use of Advanced Transportation Monitoring Data for Official StatisticsYinyi MaT2016/10Jun-16978-90-5892-449-0
Coordinated Model Predictive Control of Synchromodal Freight Transport SystemsLe LiT2016/9Jun-16978-90-5584-205-6
Road Pricing Policy ImplementationDiana Vonk NoordegraafT2016/8Jun-16978-90-5584-204-9
Modeling, Robust and Distributed Model Predictive Control for Freeway NetworksShuai LiuT2016/7May-16978-90-5584-199-8
Stocahstic Macroscopic Analysis and Modelling for Traffic ManagementSimeon CalvertT2016/6May-16978-90-5584-201-8
Reliable Timetable Design for Railways and Connecting Public Transport ServicesDaniel SparingT2016/5May-16978-90-5584-203-2
Uncertainty in Modeling Activity-Travel Demand in Complex Urban SystemsSoora RasouliT2016/4Mar-16978-90-5584-202-5
Behavioral Operations in LogisticsJelle de VriesT2016/3Feb-16978-90-5892-430-8
Traffic Flow at Sags: Theory, Modeling and ControlBernat Goñi-RosT2016/2Feb-16978-90-5584-198-1
Effects of Pricing Strategies on Dynamic Repertoires of Activity-Travel BehaviourElaheh KhademiT2016/1Feb-16978-90-5584-200-1
Efficient Optimization Methods for Freeway Management and ControlZhe CongT2015/17Nov-15978-90-5584-197-4
Modeling and Control of Switching Mx-Plus Linear SystemsBart KersbergenT2015/16Oct-15978-90-5584-196-7
Multi-objective Optimisation of Multimodal Passenger Transportation NetworksTies BrandsT2015/15Oct-15978-90-5584-999-4
Road Pricing Policy ProcessOzgul ArdicT2015/14Sept-15978-90-5584-191-2
Control and Coordination for Automated Container TerminalsJianbin XinT2015/13Sept-15978-90-5584-194-3
An Agent Based Modelling Approach for Multi-Staeholder Analysis of City-Logistics SolutionsNilesh AnandT2015/12Sept-15978-90-5584-195-0
Passengers, Information, and DisrutionsEvelien van der HurkT2015/11June-15978-90-5892-403-2
Logistics Chains in Freight Transport ModellingIgor DavydenkoT2015/10May-15978-90-5584-190-5
Development, Simulation and Evaluation of In-car Advice on Headway, Speed and LaneWouter SchakelT2015/9May-15978-90-5584-189-9
Very Long Term Development of the Dutch Inland Waterway Transport System: Policy analysis, transport projections, shipping scenarios, and a new perspective on economic growth and future discountingCornelis van DorsserT2015/8May-15978-90-5584-188-2
Optimal and Robust Switching Control Strategies: Theory, and applications in traffic managementMohammad HajiahmadiT2015/7Apr-15978-90-5584-187-5
On-line Distributed Prediction and Control for a Large-scale Traffic NetworkYubin WangT2015/6Mar-15978-90-5584-185-1
The Dynamics of User Perception, Decision Making and Route ChoiceJaap VreeswijkT2015/5Feb-15978-90-5584-183-7
The Effects of Information and Communication Technologies on AccessibilityRuihua LuT2015/4Feb-15978-90-5584-186-8
Dynamic Route Choice Modelling of the Effects of Travel Information using RP DataGiselle de Moraes RamosT2015/3Jan-15978-90-5584-184-4
Development and Early Adoption of Electric Vehicles: Understanding the tempestWill SierzchulaT2015/2Jan-15978-90-5584-177-6
Simulation-integrated Design of Dry Bulk TerminalsTeus van VianenT2015/01Jan-15978-90-5584-182-0

NameAutorTRAIL nr.DateISBN
Cooperative In-Vehicle Advice: A study into drivers’ ability and willingness to follow tactical driver adviceMalte RistoT2014/10Dec-14978-90-5584-178-3
Dynamic OD Demand Estimation and Prediction for Dynamic Traffic ManagementTamara DjukicT2014/9Nov-14978-90-5584-179-0
Task Complexity and Time Pressure: Impacts on Activity-Travel ChoicesChao Chen T2014/8Nov-14 978-90-5584-180-6
Optimal Trajectory Planning and Train Scheduling for Railway SystemsYihui WangT2014/7Nov-14978-90-5584-176-9
Generic Model Predictive Control Framework for Advanced Driver Assistance SystemsMeng WangT2014/6Oct-14978-90-5584-174-5
Models for Predictive Railway Traffic ManagementPavle KecmanT2014/5Oct-14978-90-5584-175-2
Deploying Metaheuristics for Global OptimizationMohsen DavarynejadT2014/4Jun-14978-90-5584-173-8
Characteristics of Chinese Driver BehaviorJie LiT2014/3Jun-14978-90-5584-171-4
Cost-Benefit Analysis inPracticeNiek MouterT2014/2Jun-14978-90-5584-172-1
Road Pricing mechanism: A game theoretic and multi-level approachAnthony OhazulikeT2014/1Jan-14978-90-5584-170-7
NameAutorTRAIL nr. DateUniversityISBN
A Freight Transport Model for Integrated Network, Service, and Policy DesignMo ZhangT2013/9Aug-2013TU Delft9789055841677
Decision Support for Collaborative Airport Strategic PlanningRoland WijnenT2013/8Apr-2013TU Delft9789055841653
Multi-Class Continuum Traffic Flow Models: Analysis and simulation methodsFemke van Wageningen - KesselsT2013/7Mar-2013TU Delft9789055841639
The Flexible PortPoonam TanejaT2013/6Mar-2013TU Delft9789079787470
Lagrangian Multi-Class Traffic State EstimationYufei YuanT2013/5Mar-2013TU Delft9789055841622
Vehicle-Class Specific Control of Freeway TrafficThomas SchreiterT2013/4Mar-2013TU Delft9789055841615
Efficient Management of Compact Storage SystemsNima ZaerpourT2013/3Feb-2013EUR9789058903226
Robust Model-Based Optimization of Evacuation GuidanceOlga HuibregtseT2013/2Feb-2013TU Delft9789055841608
Vacation Travel Behaviour in a Very Different FutureSander van CranenburghT2013/12Dec-2013TU Delft9789055841691
Games and the City: applying game-theoretical approaches to land and property development analysisAry SamsuraT2013/11Nov-2013TU Delft9789055841684
Sustainable Energy Technology Acceptance: a psychological perspectiveNicole HuijtsT2013/10Sep-2013TU Delft9789055841660
Sustainable Energy Technology Acceptance: A psychological perspectiveTurborotonde en turboplein: ontwerp, capaciteit en veiligheidBertus FortuijnT2013/1Jan-2013TU Delft9789055841578
Name AutorTRAIL nr.Date UniversityISBN
Developing New Methods for Efficient Container Stacking OperationsAmir Hossein GharehgozliT2012/7Nov-2012EUR978-90-5892-315-8
Logistics Concept Development in Multi-Actor Environments: Aligning stakeholders for successful development of public/private logistics systems by increased awareness of multi-actor objectives and perceptionsRon van DuinT2012/6Oct-2012TU Delft978-90-5584-156-1
Psychological Aspects of Travel Information Presentation: A psychological and ergonomic view on travellers’ response to travel informationMatthijs Dicke - OgeniaT2012/5Oct-2012TU Delft978-90-5584-159-2
Towards Sustainable Dynamic Traffic ManagementLuc WismansT2012/4Sep-2012UTwente978-90-5584-155-4
Empirical Research and Modeling of Longitunial Driving Behavior Under Adverse ConditionsRaymond HoogendoornT2012/3May-2012TU Delft978-90-5584-158-5
The Design of a Large Scale Airline NetworkRafael Carmona BenitezT2012/2Jun-2012TU Delft978-90-5584-154-7
Driving Behaviour in Unexpected SituationsNina SchaapT2012/1Feb-2012UTwente978-90-5584-153-0
NameAutorTRAIL nr.DateUniversityISBN
Non-recurrent traffic situations and traffic informationThijs Muizelaar2011/16Dec-2011University of Twente9789055841516
Cost Overruns in Large-Scale Transport Infrastructure ProjectsChantal Cantarelli2011/15Nov-2011Delft University of Technology978-90-5584-152-3
Clearing the Road for ISA Implementation?Jan-Willem van der Pas2011/13Oct-2011Delft University of Technology978-90-5584-181-3
Model-Based Traffic Control for Sustainable MobilitySolomon Zegeye2011/12Oct-2011Delft University of Technology978-90-5584-150-9
Vehicle Routing under UncertaintyTamas Mahr 2011/11Sep-2011Delft University of Technology978-90-5584-148-6
Transportation Modelling for Regional EvacuationsAdam Pel2011/10Jul-2011Delft University of Technology9789055841479
Modelling Urban Travel TimesFangfang Zheng2011/09Jul-2011Delft University of Technology9789055841455
The Acceptability of In-vehicle Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) SystemsSven Vlassenroot2011/08Jun-2011Delft University of Technology9789055841448
Human Response to Aircraft NoiseMaarten Kroesen2011/07Jun-2011Delft University of Technology9789055841462
Rolling Stock Rescheduling in Passenger Railways: applications in short-term planning and in disruption managementLars Nielsen2011/06Feb-2011Erasmus University of Rotterdam9789058922670
New Approach to Fusion of Heterogeneous Traffic DataQing Ou2011/05May-2011Delft University of Technology9789055841431
Getting ADAS on the Road: actors’ interactions in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems deploymentLeonie Walta2011/04Apr-2011Delft University of Technology9789055841417
Efficient Model Predictive Control for Large-Scale Urban Traffic NetworksShu Lin2011/03Apr-2011Delft University of Technology9789055841363
Service Reliability and Urban Public Transport DesignNiels van oort2011/02Apr-2011Delft University of Technology9789055841424
Using Co-operative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems to Reduce Traffic Emmissions and Improve Air Quality at Signalized Urban IntersectionsMohamed Kamil Morsi Mahmod2011/01Mar-2011University of Twente9789055841400
NameAutorTRAIL nr.DateUniversityISBN
Real-time Railway Traffic Management: dispatching in complex, large and busy railway networksFrancesco Corman2010/14Dec-2010Delft University of Technology9789055841332
The Treatment of Uncertainty in Airport Strategic PlanningJan Kwakkel2010/13Dec-2010Delft University of Technology9789055841387
Intermodal Freight Transport on the Right Track? Environmental and economic performances and their trade-offNam Seok Kim2010/11Dec-2010Delft University of Technology9789055841370
Designing Robust Road Networks: a general design method applied to the NetherlandsMaaike Snelder2010/10Dec-2010Delft University of Technology9789055841356
Bayesian Data Asimilation for Improved Modelling of Road TrafficChris van Hinsbergen2010/09Nov-2010Delft University of Technology9789055841325
Intelligent Route GuidanceFrank Zuurbier2010/08Nov-2010Delft University of Technology9789055841318
Incorporating Worker-Specific Factors in Operations Management ModelsJose Antonio Larco Martineli2010/07Nov-2010Erasmus University of Rotterdam978905892293
Zeehavenontwikkeling in Nederland - Naar een beter beleidsvormingsprocesHans van Ham2010/06Aug-2010Delft University of Technology9789055841301
School Concentration and School TravelEnne de Boer2010/05Jun-2010Delft University of Technology9789055841295
Integrated Control of Mixed Traffic Networks using Model Predictive ControlMonique van den Berg2010/04Apr-2010Delft University of Technology9789055841288
Modelling Risk Control Measures in Railways. Analysing how designers and operators organise safe rail trafficJaap van den Top2010/03Apr-2010Delft University of Technology9789055841257
The X-faxtor. A longitudinal study of calibration in young novice driversSaskia de Craen2010/02Mar-2010Delft University of Technology9789055841271
Model-Baesd Control for Postal Automation and Baggage HandlingAlina Tarau2010/01Jan-2010Delft University of Technology9789055841233
NameAutorTRAIL nr.DateUniversityISBN
Road Incidents and Network Dynamics. Effects on driving behaviour and traffic congestionVictor Knoop2009/13Dec-2009Delft University of Technology9789055841240
Traffic Management and Control in Intelligent Vehicle Highway SystemsLakshmi Baskar2009/12Nov-2009Delft University of Technology9789055841202
Intermodal Barge Transport. Network Design, Nodes and CompetitivenessRob Konings2009/11 Nov-2009Delft University of Technology9789055841219
Mind Your Step. Exploring Aspects in the Application of Long Accelerating Moving WalkwaysIndraswari Kusumaningtyas2009/10Oct-2009Delft University of Technology9789055841226
Stochastic Modelling and Analysis of Warehouse OperationsYeming Gong2009/09Sep-2009Erasmus University of Rotterdam9789058922199
Transport Policy Implementation and Outcomes: the Case of Yaounde in the 1990sSoter Eddia2009/08Sep-2009Delft University of Technology9789055841134
The Efficient Integration of Inland Shipping into Continental Intermodal Transport Chains. Measures and Decisive FactorsTilman Platz2009/07Aug-2009Radboud University Nijmegen9789055841189
Reliability in Urban Public Transport Network. Assessment and DesignShahram Tahmasseby2009/06Jun-2009Delft University of Technology9789055841165
Traffic Information and Learning in Day-to-Day Route ChoiceEnide Bogers2009/05Jun-2009Delft University of Technology9789055841172
Behavioural Responses and Network Effects of Time-varying Road PricingDirk van Amelsfort2009/04May-2009Delft University of Technology9789055841141
Reliability-based Dynamic Network Design with Stochastic NetworksHao Li2009/03May-2009Delft University of Technology9789055841158
On Stackelberg and Inverse Stackelberg Games & their Applications in the Optimal Toll Design Problem, the Energy Markets Liberalization Problem, and in the Theory of IncentivesKaterina Stankova2009/02Feb-2009Delft University of Technology9789055841110
Informedness and Customer-Centric Revenue ManagementTing Li2009/01Jan-2009Erasmus University of Rotterdam9789058921956
NameAutorTRAIL nr.DateUniversityISBN
Exploratory Modeling and Analysis. A promising method to deal with deep uncertaintyBuyung Agusdinata2008/17Apr-2008Delft University of Technology9789071382260
The Innovation of Intermodal Rail Freight Bundling Networks in Europe. Concepts, Developments, PerformancesEkki Kreutzberger2008/16 Dec-2008Delft University of Technology9789055841103
Integrated Anticipatory Control of Road Networks. A game theoretical approachHenk Taale2008/15Dec-2008Delft University of Technology9789055841080
Robustness Analysis for Road Networks. A framework with combined DTA modelsMinwei Li2008/14Dec-2008Delft University of Technology9789055841097
Enhancing Warehouse Performance by Efficient Order PickingMengfei Yu 2008/13Oct-2008Erasmus University of Rotterdam9789058921673
Travel Time Prediction for Urban NetworksHao Liu2008/12Oct-2008Delft University of Technology9789055841066
Extended Prospect Theory. Findings in Choice Behaviour from Economics and the Behavioural Sciences and their Relevance for Travel BehaviourEvert Jan van de Kaa2008/11Oct-2008Delft University of Technology9789055841059
Theory and Practice of the Assessment and Valuation of Noise from Roads and Rialroads in EuropeHans Nijland2008/10Sep-2008Delft University of Technology9789055841042
The Practice of Forward-Looking Transport Policy Assessment StudiesJan Anne Annema2008/09Sep-2008Delft University of Technology9789055841035
Longitudinal Driving Behavior: Theory and EmpiricsSaskia Ossen2008/08Sep-2008Delft University of Technology9789055841028
Improving Real-Time Train Dispatching: Models, Algorithms and ApplicationsAndrea D'Ariano2008/06Apr-2008Delft University of Technology9789055841004
Sustainability of Urban Freight TransportHenricus Quak2008/05Mar-2008Erasmus University of Rotterdam9789058921543
Assisted Overtaking. An Assessment of Overtaking on Two-Lane Rural RoadsGeertje Hegeman2008/04Feb-2008Delft University of Technology9789055840991
Multi-Agent Look-Ahead Traffic-Adaptive ControlRonald van Katwijk2008/03Jan-2008Delft University of Technology9789055840984
Expecting the Unexpected, a study of interactive driving behaviour at intersectionsMaura Houtenbos2008/01Jan-2008Delft University of Technology9789055840953
NameAutorTRAIL nr.DateUniversityISBN
Multi-Agent Model Predictive Control with Applications to Power NetworksRudy Negenborn2007/14Dec-2007Delft University of Technology9789055840939
Ruimtelijke inpassing van lijninfrastructuurJan Nederveen2007/13Dec-2007Delft University of Technology9789055840946
Design Aspects of Multiple Driven Belt ConveyorsAshley Nuttall2007/12Nov-2007Delft University of Technology9789055840922
Design and Validation of Advanced Driver Assistance SystemsOlaf Gietelink2007/11Nov-2007Delft University of Technology9789055840915
Driver Support in CongestionCornelie van Driel2007/10Nov-2007University of Twente9789036525701
Modeling the Clustering of Distribution Centers around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Location endowments, economies of agglomeration, locked-in logistics and policy implicationsPim Warffemius2007/09Sep-2007Erasmus University of Rotterdam9789055840908
Dynamic Bi-level Optimal Toll Design Approach for Dynamic Traffic NetworksDusica Joksimovic2007/08Sep-2007Delft University of Technology9789055840885
Synchronizing the Retail Supply ChainPieter van der Vlist2007/07Jun-2007Erasmus University of Rotterdam9789058921420
Choice Set Generation in Multi-Modal Transportation NetworksMaria Fiorenzo-Catalano2007/06Jun-2007Delft University of Technology9789055840878
Infrastructure and Firm Dynamics: A micro-simulation approachMichiel de Bok2007/05May-2007Delft University of Technology9789055840861
Joint modeling of land-use, transport and economyBarry Zondag2007/04Apr-2007Delft University of Technology9789055840847
Analysis of urban traffic patterns using clustering Wendy Weijermars2007/03Apr-2007University of Twente9789036524650
NameAutorTRAIL nr.DateUniversityISBN
Performance of Traffic Networks. A Mosaic of MeasuresCollins Makoriwa2006/10Dec-2006University of Twente9789055840858
Controlling High Speed Automated Transport Network OperationsRonald de Feijter2006/09Dec-2006elft University of Technology9055840807
Inter-Urban Short-Term Traffic Congestion PredictionGiovanni Huisken2006/08Dec-2006University of Twente9036524415
The Dynamics and the Uncertainty of Delays at SignalsFrancesco Viti 2006/07Nov-2006Delft University of Technology9055840784
Stochastic Modelling of Train Delays and Delay Propagation in StationsJianxin Yuan2006/06Oct-2006Delft University of Technology9059721381
Innovation and Regulatory Reform in Public Transport; Innovative capabilities and learning in the public transport organisationsSumet Ongkittikul2006/05Sep-2006Erasmus University of Rotterdam9055840793
Intelligent Systems in South Africa; Inpact Assessment through microscopic simulation in the South African contextMarianne Vanderschuren2006/04Aug-2006University of Twente 9055840777
Macroscopic Discontinuity Modeling for Multiclass Multilane Traffic Flow OperationsDong Ngoduy2006/03Apr-2006Delft University of Technology9055840750
Algorithmic Decision Support for Shunt PlanningRamon Lentink2006/02Feb-2006Erasmus University of Rotterdam9058921042
Hub exchange operations in intermodal hub-and-spoke networksYvonne Bontekoning2006/01Feb-2006Delft University of Technology9055840726
NameAutorTRAIL nr.DateUniversityISBN
Plan Repair in Single-Agent and Multi-Agent SystemsRoman van der Krogt2005/17Dec-2005Delft University of Technology905584067
Coordination among Autonomous PlannersJeroen Valk2005/16Dec-2005Delft University of Technology9055840696
Collaborative Logistics and Transportation Networks. A Modeling Approach to Hub Network DesignBas Groothedde2005/15Nov-2005Delft University of Technology9055840718
Conceptual Design of Automated Freight Transport Systems. Methodology and PracticeBen-Jaap Pielage2005/14Nov-2005Delft University of Technology905584070X
Distributed Simulation in IndustryCsaba Boer2005/12Oct-2005Erasmus University of Rotterdam9058920933
Design and Implementation of a Method for the Synthesis of Travel Diary DataRoland Kager2005/11Oct-2005University of Twente9055840769
Punctuality of Railway Operations and Timetable Stability AnalysisRob Goverde2005/10Oct-2005Delft University of Technology9055840688
Design and Control of Efficient Order PickingTho Le-Duc2005/09Sep-2005Erasmus University of Rotterdam9058920941
Ruimte voor een democratische rechtstaat. Geschakelde sturing bij ruimtelijke investeringenWouter-Jan Oosten2005/08Sep-2005Erasmus University of Rotterdam9080958417
Reliability of Railway SystemsMichiel Vromans2005/07Jul-2005Erasmus University of Rotterdam9058920895
Transport Infrastructure Slot AllocationKaspar Koolstra2005/06Jun-2005Delft University of Rotterdam9055840661
Port Investment. Towards an Integrated of Port CapacitySander Dekker2005/05Jun-2005Delft University of Technology9055840653
Modelling Travel Behaviour in Multi-modal NetworksSascha Hoogendoorn-Lanser2005/04May-2005Delft University of Technology9055840645
Sustainable Urban Transport Development. A Dynamic Optimisation ApproachMark Zuidgeest2005/03Apr-2005University of Twente9036521742
Intelligent Control of Vehicle-Based Internal Transport SystemsTuan Le Anh2005/02Apr-2005Erasmus University of Rotterdam9058920798
The Mobile City. The planning and design of the Network City from a mobility point of viewRemon Rooij2005/01 Feb-2005Delft University of Technology9055840637
NameAutorTRAIL nr.DateUniversityISBN
Railway Design and Maintenance from a Life-Cycle Cost Perspective. A decision-support ApproachArjen Zoeteman2004/12Nov-2004Delft University of Technology9055840580
Human-Kinetic Multiclass Traffic Flow Theory and Modelling. With application to advanced driver assistance systems in congestionChris Tampere2004/11Dec-2004,Delft University of Technology9055840602
Intelligente voertuigen, veiligheidsregulering en aansprakelijkheid. Een onderzoek naar juridische aspecten van Driver Assistance Systems in het wegverkeerKiliaan van Wees2004/10Dec-2004Delft University of Technology9055840629
Holonic Control for Large Scale Automated Logistic SystemsCornelis Versteegt2004/09Dec-2004Delft University of Technology9055840599
Changing Seats. A behavioural analysis if P&R useIlona Bos2004/08Nov-2004Delft University of Technology9055840572
Modelling Passenger Flows in Public Transport FacilitiesWinnie Daamen2004/06Sep-2004Delft University of Technology9040725217
Dynamism in Supply Networks. Actor switching in a turbulent business environmentThierry Verduijn2004/05Sep-2004Erasmus University Rotterdam9055840564
Design and Control of Automated Truck Traffic at Motorway RampsMasoud Tabibi2004/04Jul-2004Delft University of Technology9055840556
Reliable Travel Time Prediction for FreewaysHans van Lint2004/03Jun-2004Delft University of Technology9055840548
Model Predictive Control for Integrating Traffic Control MeasuresAndras Hegyi2004/02Feb-2004,Delft University of Technology905584053X
The Performance of Seaport ClustersPeter Wubbe de Langen2004/01Jan-2004Erasmus University of Rotterdam9058920569
NameAutorTRAIL nr.DateUniversityISBN
Plan Merging in Multi-Agent SystemsMathijs de Weerdt2003/08Dec-2003Delft University of Technology9055840521
Dynamic O-D matrix estimation: a behavioural approachKarel Lindveld2003/07Sep-2003Delft University of Technology9051669801
On the Behaviour of Classes of Min-max-plus SytemsGerardo Koelemeijer2003/06Sep-2003Delft University of Technology9067343358
Cyclic Railway Timetable OptimizationLeon Peeters2003/05Jun-2003Erasmus University of Rotterdam9058320429
Policy Analysis in Multi-Actor Policy Settings. Navigating between negotiated nonsense and superfluous knowledgeOdette van de Riet2003/03Mar-2003Delft University of technology9051669518
Controlling Automated Traffic AgentsDavid Lindeijer2003/02Feb-2003Delft University of Technology9051669488
Connectors. The way beyond transferringStefan van der Spek2003/01Feb-2003Delft University of Technology904072377X
NameAutorTRAIL nr.DateUniversityISBN
Freight transport: at any price? Effects of transport costs on book and newspaper supply chains in the NetherlandsHens Runhaar2002/7Dec-2002Delft University of Technology9040723621
A Renaissance of Stations, Railways and Cities. Economic effects, development strategies and organisational issues of european high-speed-train stationsPeter Pol2002/06Oct-2002Erasmus University of Technology9040723303
Design of Multimodal Transport Networks. A hierarchical approachRob van Nes2002/05Sep-2002Delft University of Technology9040723141
Mind the Gap. Bridging theories and practice for the organisation of metropolitan public transportWijnand Veeneman2002/04Jun-2002Delft University of Technology9040723087
Information Architecture and Electronic Market PerformanceOtto Koppius2002/03May-2002Erasmus University of Rotterdam9058920232
Planning and Control Concepts for Material Handling SystemsIris Vis2002/02May-2002Erasmus University of Rotterdam9058920216
The Business of Modularity and the Modularity of BusinessMatthijs Wolters2002/01Feb-2002Erasmus University of Rotterdam9058920208
On Classes of Min-max-plus Systems and their ApplicationsSubiono2000/02Jun-2000Delft University of Technology90-407-2079-7
NameAutorTRAIL nr.DateUniversityISBN
Chains and Networks in Multimodal Passenger Transport. Exploring a design approachWieke Bockstael-Blok2001/08Dec-2001Delft University of Technology9040722544
Dynamisch Railverkeersmanagement. Besturingsconcept voor railverkeer op basis van het Lagenmodel Verkeer en VervoerAlfons Schaafsma 2001/07Oct-2001Delft University of Technology9040722196
Safety Analysis of Transport CorridorsNils Rosmuller2001/06Jun-2001Delft University of Technology9040721963
Innovation Steps towards Efficient Goods Distribution Systems for Urban AreasArjan, Johan Binsbergen, Visser2001/05May-2001Delft University of Technology9040721793
Bundeling van Infrastructuur, Theoretische en Praktische Waarde van een Ruimtelijk InrichtingsconceptJoris Willems2001/04Jun-2001Delft University of Technology9040721785
Time-based Logistics. An analysis of the relevance, causes and impactsGert-Jan Muilerman2001/02Apr-2001Delft University of Technology904072164X
Analytical Dynamic Traffic Assignment with Interacting User-Classes. Theoretical advances and applications using a variational inequality approachMichiel Bliemer2001/01Feb-2001Delft University of Technology9040721505
NameAutorTRAIL nr. DateUniversityISBN
Operational Control of Internal TransportRobert van der Meer2000/05Sep-2000Erasmus University of Rotterdam9040721025
On Classes of Min-max-plus Systems and their ApplicationsSubiono2000/02Jun-2000Delft University of Technology90-407-2079-7
Technology Assessment of Automated Vehicle Guidance. Prospects for automated driving implementationVincent Marchau2000/01Jan-2000Delft University of Technology9040720150
NameAutor TRAIL nr.DateUniversityISBN
Driving with Intelligent Vehicles. Driving behaviour with adaptive cruise control and the acceptance by individual driversMarika Hoedemaeker99/06Nov-1999Delft University of Technology9040719438
Multiclass Continuum Modelling of Multilane Traffic Flow Serge Hoogendoorn99/05Sep-1999Delft University of Technology904071931
Supported Driving: Impacts on Motorway Traffic FlowMichiel Minderhoud99/04Sep-1999Delft University of Technology9040719292
The Maritime Pilot at Work; Evaluation and use of a time-to-boundary model of mental workload in human-machine systemsFulko van Westrenen99/02May-1999Delft University of Technology9051667035

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