Energy Transitions of Prof. Bert van Wee granted in DBR progam

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The project Energy Transitions (Electric vehicles: early stage adoption processes) of Prof. Bert van Wee has been granted by NWO as a new project in the DBR Program.

Other members of the consortium:
Prof Dr P Rietveld, VU University Amsterdam & Tinbergen Institute, Prof Dr ICJM van den Bergh, VU University Amsterdam &Tinbergen Institute, Prof Dr KA Brookhuis, Groningen University, TRAIL, Prof Dr L Steg, Groningen University, TRAIL, KL1 and Dr K Maat, Delft University of Technoiogy, NETHUR

Description of the project:
Most research in the area of Electrical Vehicles (EVs) focuses on technical issues like battery capacity and charging systems. Much less attention is paid to the links between EVs and the wider society, including non-technical issues. In this proposal we focus on the early stages of (potential) market penetration of EVs, and in particular the role of early adopters (consumers and others). We aim (1) to understand the behaviour of crucial actors for the market introduction of EVs (2) to identify barriers and enablers for innovations in the first stage (3) to identify the role of actors in the ‘environment’ of early adopters (e.g. governments, firms, consumers), for these enablers and barriers.

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