Invitation TRAIL International PhD Summer school on Automated Driving | 10 – 14 September 2018 | MRDH, Rotterdam

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Invitation TRAIL Summer school 2018 – Automated Driving final

We are very pleased to send you the invitation for the TRAIL International PhD Summer school on Automated Driving from September 10 – 14 at the Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH) in Rotterdam.

The aim of this Summer school is to offer PhD students a multidisciplinary basis of knowledge and skills to understand the development and impacts of automated driving.

These basis enables the PhD student to choose future research directions, better explain her/his research to colleagues and peers, as well as understand the research approaches and outcomes of her/his colleagues.

During this summer school you will learn from and work under the supervision of top scientists in the domain of Automated Driving. This gives you the opportunity to make a major step forward in your research.

In addition, your individual research will be assessed by these top scientists. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to extend your network and set-up new research contacts.

Participation is open for national and international PhD-students that are either working in the domain of automated driving or are interested in exploring the relevance of automated driving to their domain.

If you want to join the Summer school, please pre-register here before April 15th.

We hope to meet you in September!

Kind regards,
Prof. Bart van Arem, Prof. Vincent Marchau and Prof. Bert van Wee
TRAIL Research School



In short

Date: 10-14  September  2018

Costs: €1.000  for non-TRAIL members; free for TRAIL members

Location: Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH),  Westersingel 12, 3014 GN Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Organized by: Research School for TRansport, Infrastructure and Logistics (TRAIL)

Target group: International PhD students (both TRAIL and non-TRAIL members)
Course manager: Prof. Bart van Arem

Lecturers: Prof. Bart van Arem, Tom Alkim, Richard Bishop, Dr. Goncalo Correia, Prof. Vincent Marchau, Prof. Marieke Martens, Dr. Maaike Snelder,  Dr. Meng Wang, Prof. Rob Zuidwijk

Credits: 2 ECTS


First registration:             15 April 2018

Final Application:             1 June 2018

Admittance:                      1 July 2018

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