New book! “The Transport System and Transport Policy”

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By Bert van Wee, Jan Anne Annema and David Banister – (eds).

To the best of our knowledge a multidisciplinary book that introduces the
reader to the transport system, its eff ects on accessibility, the environment and safety, and policy and related research does not yet exist. Other books generally discuss transport from the viewpoint of one discipline, for example economics, or focus on one policy- relevant eff ect, for example the environment. This book aims to fill the gap.

The book is written primarily for educational purposes, for use either in courses at universities or in other education programmes or self-study. We realize that we do not cover all of the expectations that some readers would like to see included. We only aim to give a general introduction to the transport system, its effects on society and policy.
This book is based on a Dutch language book (Verkeer en Vervoer in
Hoofdlijnen) that was published in 2002 and updated in 2009. The 2002
book was sold out within seven years (2500 copies) and is used at several universities and in several professional education programmes. We did not just translate the book, but replaced most Dutch cases and examples with ones from other countries, added international literature and added a chapter.

As well as the hard copy version, this book can be downloaded from the
internet. We hope that this will stimulate courses to use the book and that we are thereby making a small contribution to reducing the costs of education.
We are very glad that Edward Elgar has the courage to publish the hard copy version of this book. We especially thank Emily Neukomm for the very pleasant contacts. We hope that at least staff members and libraries will buy the hard copy version – and maybe lots of students as well.


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