International PhD Summer School 2017

Learn in one week the basics for doing a PhD
in Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics


Date:August 28, 2017 – September 1, 2017
Location:Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
Target group: 1st/2nd year (inter)national PhD students (being non-TRAIL members)
Organized by:TRAIL Research School on Transport, infrastructure and Logistics
Course managers: Prof. Bert van Wee & Prof. Vincent Marchau
Lecturers: Prof. Bert van Wee, Dr. Jan Anne Annema, Prof. Caspar Chorus, Prof. Serge Hoogendoorn, Prof. Lorant Tavasszy, Prof. René de Koster and Prof. Vincent Marchau
Costs: € 1000,00 (incl. contact hours, lunches & 1 dinner)
Apply: May 1, 2017 at the latest

Aim of the summer school
The aim of this summer school is to offer 1st/2nd year PhD students a quick basis of knowledge and skills helpful for doing their PhD in the areas of Transport, Infrastructure, and Logistics (TIL). These basics are considered highly important, as these give the PhD student a solid framework, based upon which s/he can choose future research directions, better explain her/his research to colleagues and peers, as well as understand the research approaches and outcomes of her/his colleagues.


Setup of the summer school
The TRAIL summer school will involve a mix of lectures on the basic knowledge and skills in the TIL domain and interactive sessions focusing on the research topics of the participating PhD students.

The lectures will be given by international top-scientists from different TIL disciplines. In addition, interactive sessions will be dedicated to questions such as: How is the transport system structured and organized? Which are important societal relevant effects? Which are dominant theories and methods in the TIL domain? How to write and publish a paper? How to perform a literature review in the TIL-domain? Finally, PhD students will receive intensive feedback from scientists and from fellow PhD students, based on a prior submitted working paper which includes (as far as possible) the aim(s), methods, theories, position in the transport system, and societal and scientific relevance of their PhD research project.

In short, the (provisional) program of the summer school is as follows:

  • Monday: Fundamental Domain Knowledge of TIL systems (Van Wee & Annema)
  • Tuesday & Wednesday morning: TIL-Theories and Methods (Chorus, Hoogendoorn, Tavasszy, De Koster)
  • Wednesday afternoon: ’Improving your draft working paper’
  • Thursday: Writing and Publishing a TRAIL Research Article (Marchau & Chorus) & Writing a Literature Review in the TIL Domain (Van Wee)
  • Friday: PhD student’s working paper presentations, discussion/feedback and evaluation (all lecturers)


What can you expect?
During this summer school you will learn from and work under the supervision of international top scientists in the TIL domain. This gives you the opportunity to make a major step forward in your research. In addition, your individual research will be assessed by these top scientists. There is ample time to work under supervision. Moreover, you get the opportunity to extend your network and set-up new research contacts.


How to apply?
Participation is open for (inter)national non-TRAIL PhD-students working in the TIL domain. The participation fee is €1000,- and includes contact hours, lunches & 1 dinner. Travel expenses, visa costs and costs of stay are not included!

Applications, including a short CV, letter of motivation, and abstract (500 words) on your research, must be sent by e-mail to (subject: TRAIL Summer School 2017) by May 1st, 2017. Delegates from TRAIL will select a maximum of 25 candidates. Once you are selected you will be invited to submit a draft working paper a few weeks before the start of the summer school.


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