TRAIL International PhD Summer School 2017

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This year TRAIL organizes its first international summer school on Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics for PhD students!

This summer school offers 1st/2nd year PhD students a quick basis of knowledge and skills helpful for doing their PhD in the areas of Transport, Infrastructure, and Logistics (TIL). These basics are considered highly important, as these give the PhD student a solid framework, based upon which s/he can choose future research directions, better explain her/his research to colleagues and peers, as well as understand the research approaches and outcomes of her/his colleagues.

During the summer school PhD students will learn from, and work under the supervision of international top scientists in the TIL domain. Together with them they will tackle questions like: How is the transport system structured and organized? Which are important societal relevant effects? Which are dominant theories and methods in the TIL domain? How to write and publish a paper? How to perform a literature review in the TIL-domain?

Next to the classes, the PhD students will receive intensive feedback from the lecturers, and from fellow PhD students on a prior submitted working paper. In addition, individual research will also be assessed by these top scientists.

Interested in joining: click here for more information!

Questions? Please send an e-mail to (in subject box: TRAIL Summer School 2017).

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