NEWS Info about TUDelft GS credits for TRAIL courses

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Info about TUDelft GS credits for TRAIL courses
Bert van Wee, October 2015

The most important conclusions:
1. The GS sticks to their policy of allocating max 5 GS credits to a course. Splitting up will not have any impact: the total maximum remains 5 credits.

2. Courses with less than five days of teaching, but with a total study load of more than 1 GS per day (1 GS credit = 8 hours teaching + 4 hours homework), can receive more TUDelft GS credits than the number of days of teaching, up to max 5 GS credits. TRAIL will make the real study load explicit on the website. The Promotor decides about the number of TUDELFT GS credits to be administered in DMA. It should be explained by the promotor (based on information provided by TRAIL) that the course took at least 60 hours (in case of 5 GS credits)
Below we explain the motivation of the GS.

Conclusion 1:

The most important reason to not allocate more than 5 GS credits to a course, is to stimulate variety in courses that PhD candidates take. Allocation of 10 credits to one course would conflict with this policy.
Another reason is that in the Netherlands examinations are not needed at the PhD level, because we do so at the Ba and Ma level. In the USA this situation differs (before starting their PhD Research and education many PhDs have lower level education than the Dutch Ma level).
Motivation to become a broadly developed researcher with knowledge should be leading.
The requirements of 15 GS credits for disciplines related course is a minimum study load.

Conclusion 2:
Suppose there is a course of two or three days, and the related homework would reasonably cost an additional four days, then the promotor can decide to allocate (max) 5 GS credits.

18-9 the TUDelft GS Board and TRAIL discussed the topic of allocating TUDelft GS credits to TRAIL courses. TRAIL suggested to split up courses: (1) only follow courses and (2) in addition do an assignment/exam, and allocations credits to each part, so that more than 5 TUDelft GS credits can be given.

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