TRAIL International Summer School on Automated Driving very succesfull

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The TRAIL International Summer School was developed in collaboration between the STAD (Spatial and Transport impacts of Automated Driving) project and Research School TRAIL. The program involved teaching staff from STAD but also from outside. The learning goals were (1) to understand the developments and impacts of automated driving, (2) to choose and motivate research directions in automated driving and (3) better understand research approaches and outcomes of peers. The summer school was hosted by the Metropool Regio Rotterdam Den Haag.

The call for participation was published in February 2018 and quickly led to more than 20 applications, resulting in 21 final applications comprising 14 nationalities in June 2018. From 10-14 September 2018, the Summer school was fully attended by all participants (although one participant dropped out ill the last 2 days).

A shining overall average of 8.8 marks the success of the summer school. The applicants appreciated the variety and quality of the subjects, lecturers, teaching methods and field trips to Parkshuttle Rivium and RADD. The keynote speaker Richard Bishop was highly evaluated. Concerns about not having enough time for discussion and joint work at the start were successfully taken away during the next day.

The interaction between the participants was inspiring. Breaking the ice on the first day by asking all of them to give a short pitch about their work and to present an object of their choice lead to spontaneous discussion and interaction, which only increased during the other days. Breaks, joint exercises, field trips, dinner (Wednesday) and drinks at the end of the day further increased the coherence.

We had just as much fun in coordinating this course and seeing the participants learn and grow in just one week as the participants had themselves.

Course managers,

Bart van Arem (TU Delft)
Vincent Marchau (TRAIL/RU Nijmegen)


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