TRAIL participates in the evaluation of ISA devices for known offenders

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TRAIL participates in the evaluation of Intelligent Speed Adaptation devices for known offenders

DTV consultants and TRAIL are involved in the evaluation of the Dutch Field Operational test of a speed lock and speed monitor trial. Intelligent Speed Adaptation or ISA devices are in-vehicle systems that support the driver in selecting the appropriate speed (i.e. comply with the legal speed limit).

Two types of systems will be tested in this field trial. First, a Speed Monitor which is a system that warns the driver in case of speeding. In case the speed limit is violated for a longer time this system will restrict the driver from speeding for a certain time(using engine management). Second, a speed lock will be tested, this system simply doesn’t allow drivers to speed by restricting the maximum speed to the legal speed limit at that specific location. In April/May of this year 80 drivers out of the region Noord- and Zuid-Holland are selected to participate in the trial.
Researchers of TRAIL will work together with DTV Consultants for the evaluation of acceptance, attitude, and the assessment of the traffic safety effects of such systems. The aim is to evaluate the usefulness, efficiency and effectiveness of voluntary implementation of such systems for known speed offenders in the Netherlands.

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