TRAIL PhD Congress 2018

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15 November 2018 – Grand Hotel Karel V, Utrecht

It is time for our yearly TRAIL PhD Congress 2018!

Every year we give our – and interested – PhD students the opportunity to present and discuss their proposed, ongoing or finished work informally with colleagues from the universities, exploring common interests and planning for any future joint work/publications.

This year we have 41 PhD students, from TRAIL & from Europe, who will give a presentation at the congress!

The program has been set, the presentations will be given in 9 sessions:


–          Supply Chain, chaired by René de Koster (EUR) – featuring: Rie Larsen, Qinqin Zeng, Borut Zgonc, Bahareh Zohoori and Wenjing Guo

–          Sharing & Pricing, chaired by Jan Anne Annema (TUD) – featuring: Teodóra Szép, Konstanze Winter, Ayu Andani and Emiliano Heyns

–          Acceptance, chaired by Karst Geurs (UT) – featuring: Rick Wolbertus, Bo Zhang, Bing Huang and Yke Eisma


–          Automated Vehicles, chaired by Marieke Martens (UT) – featuring: Ana Palmeiro, Johan Los, Anika Boelhouwer, Andreia Martinho and Fransesco Walker

–          Activities – travel, chaired by Rob van der Heijden (RUN) – featuring: Anuradha Jain, Pauline Detavernier, Maria Alonso Gonzalez, Baiba Pudane and Florian Schneider

–          New Data Sources, chaired by Eric van Berkum (UT) – featuring: Oskar Eikenbroek, Vincent Gong, Ahmad Alwosheel, Yang Zhou and Timo Melman

–          Active Modes, chaired by Henk Meurs (RUN) – featuring: Marie-Jette Wierbos, Alexandra Gavriilidou, Giulia Reggiani and Alphonse Vial

–          Network Models, chaired by Soora Rasouli (TUE) – featuring: Yongqiu Zhu, Breno Bereigo, Ding Luo and Hobbs White

–          Ports, chaired by Oded Cats (TUD, TBC) – featuring: Camill Harter, Bob Castelein, Gert-Jaap Polinder, Kalian Wu and Mingying Xu.

Program of the congress

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