VIDI Recognition for Caspar Chorus

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Towards a regret-based paradigm for the ex-ante evaluation of transport policies.

Today NWO has announced that the VIDI proposal of TRAIL staff member Caspar Chorus (DUT/TPM) has been granted as 1 of 10 proposals out of 142 submitted to the Social Science domain (MaGW).

About the proposal:
When people choose, they minimize anticipated regret. Based on this principle, a quantitative model system will be build for simulating mobility patterns for the whole of the Netherlands. Also, a regret-based welfare-economic theory will be developed to be used in cost benefit analysis. Together, these two projects enable a regret-based evaluation of welfare effects associated with large infrastructure projects. NWO funds this research with 800,000 euros over the next five years (also facilitating a PhD-student and a Postdoc).

Our congratulations to Caspar for this achievement!

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