2023 TRAIL International PhD Autumn School on Cycling in Cities

Key information
Date:                              13 – 15 November 2023
Location:                        The Hague, the Netherlands
Organized by:                Research School for TRAnsport, Infrastructure and Logistics (TRAIL)
Target group:                 International PhD students, both TRAIL and non-TRAIL members
Credits:                          1 ECTS

Course manager: Dr. Kees Maat
Lecturers: Prof. Bert van Wee, Prof. Ralph Buehler, Prof. Henk Meurs, Dr. Maarten Kroesen, Dr. Paul van de Coevering, Dr. Paul Schepers, and others.

The chosen venue for the 2024 Autumn School was centrally located in The Hague, situated on Zeestraat within the Beeld en Geluid museum. We were happy to greet 24 participants from 19 international universities.

The initial two days primarily featured lectures covering diverse aspects of cycling. The opening lecture by Bert van Wee encouraged students to think about the conceptual aspects of their research. Following this, Kees Maat’s lecture placed cycling within a spatial perspective, succeeded by Ralph Buehler, who provided a comprehensive overview of global cycling infrastructure development and use. The day concluded with a dinner at the Plein in The Hague.
The second day included lectures by Maarten Kroesen on Health, Paul van de Coevering on Behavior, and Jan Anne Annema on Innovation and the Environment, all approached from a cycling perspective.

During the lunch break, participants had lunch, of course, but also discussed as part of an assignment, how to promote cycling in different types of bicycle cities. These discussions were incorporated into Henk Meurs’ lecture on Governance.
The traditional cycling excursion took place at the end of the course this year.

The third day was a joint venture with the International Cycling Safety Conference 2023. It commenced with a morning workshop on Bicycle Streets, followed by an afternoon cycling excursion led by the Dutch Cycling Embassy.