2023 TRAIL International PhD Autumn School on Cycling in Cities

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Key information
Date:                              13 – 15 November 2023
Costs:                            €600 | Free for TRAIL PhD students
Location:                        Delft and The Hague, the Netherlands
Organized by:                Research School for TRAnsport, Infrastructure and Logistics (TRAIL)
Target group:                 International PhD students, both TRAIL and non-TRAIL members
Credits:                          1 ECTS

– The course managers will select and inform a maximum of about 25 candidates by 1 September 2023.

Course manager: Dr. Kees Maat
Lecturers: Prof. Bert van Wee, Prof. Ralph Buehler, Prof. Henk Meurs, Dr. Maarten Kroesen, Dr. Paul van de Coevering, Dr. Paul Schepers, and others.

What is the autumn school about?
As a mode of transport, the bicycle is on the rise and benefits from trends in the field of new technologies, business models, infrastructure and urbanization models. In addition to solutions for accessibility, sustainability, safety and health problems, the change and growth in bicycle traffic is creating new complexities, such as the relationship with other travel modes, spatial planning, integration into policy and new behavioural mechanisms. Yet there is still a lot that we do not understand. With your PhD research you aim to contribute to a better understanding. The autumn school aims to provide theoretical guidance and methods to better evaluate and understand changing cycling behaviour. It offers PhD students a multidisciplinary basis with regard to current research approaches, so that you can build on this in your own research.

For whom is the autumn school?
This autumn school is offered to PhD students, who are involved in research on the social, spatial, mobility and policy aspects of cycling. It does not matter whether you are about to start or whether you are well on the way with your PhD research.

What do you gain?
During this autumn school you will learn from and work under the supervision of top scientists in the domain of transport, who are highly involved in cycling. This gives you the opportunity to make a major step forward in your research. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to extend your network, both with professors and fellow-PhD students in your field of research.

The autumn school enables PhD students to choose future research directions, better explain their research to colleagues and peers, as well as understand the research approaches and outcomes of their colleagues. For this, you get:

  • interactive lectures, to gain state-of-the-art scientific knowledge on planning and evaluation of bicycle traffic, cycling behaviour and bicycle developments;
  • practical training, to learn research methods that are specifically aimed at bicycle travel and traffic;
  • feedback and discussion during workshops on your own PhD research ideas from professors and fellow PhD students.
  • workshop on the internationally upcoming concept of bicycle streets.
  • bicycle field trip in the Hague.

Collaboration with the International Cycling Safety Conference

Who is organizing this autumn school?
TRAIL is a Dutch research school which aims to provide high quality training and education for PhD students in the area of Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics. The school is supported by six universities. The Scientific Director of TRAIL is Prof. Vincent Marchau.

The autumn school will be held at Delft University of Technology, and at a location in The Hague.

Meals and accommodation
The participation fee includes coffee & tea, lunches every day, and a dinner on Monday.

Travel expenses and hotel accommodation are not included. Delft offers good hotel accommodations, please CLICK HERE for more information.

For the latest information on the Dutch COVID-19 measures, please CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions about the autumn school, about the content or the organization, feel free to send an email to Conchita van der Stelt – info@rstrail.nl.

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