Program Congress 2016

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Transport & Mobility ILogistics & Transport Organisation ITransport & Mobility IV Miscellaneous
09.30Welcome with coffee/tea
10.00Opening by Bert van Wee & Roel Post
Policy - chair: Caspar ChorusRouting - chair: Alexander VerbraeckRoute choice/ understanding and predicting travel behaviour - Chair: Hans van LintBusiness models / decision making processes - Chair: Rob Zuidwijk
10.20Ilse Galama -Planning and design of active mode networks: Case Amsterdam 1890 - 2016Niharika Mahajan - Performance Analysis of a Decentralized In-Vehicle Route Guidance StrategyAhmad Alwosheel - Capturing decision rules using Artificial Neural NetworksShima Ebrahimigharehbaghi - Platform markets for public transport, Lessons from non-transport domains
10.40Angela van der Kloof - cycle plansJishnu Narayan - Are Demand Responsive Public Transport Systems the future of Public Transportation?Mariska van Essen - The effect of various system-beneficial information provision strategies on individuals’ route choice behaviour.Fanchao Liao - The impact of innovative business models on electric vehicle adoption
11.00Angela Xu - The Challenge of SECA Regulations in a Dynamic EnvironmentJoydeep Paul - Consolidation of Delivery flows in Multi-Channel RetailDena Kasraian -A Pseudo-panel analysis of daily distance travelled and it’s determinants in the Netherlands over three decadesSander Onstein - A theoretical framework of factors that influence distribution structure decisions
11.20Rick Wolbertus - A framework for analysing policy interventions for EV charging infrastructureGert-Jaap Polinder - Research proposal to evaluate a line plan on operational feasibilityFlorian Schneider -´Research proposal to empirically analyse active mode route and activity choice factorsRoel Post - Empirical study: Why vendors can or cannot integrate production, transportation and inventory decisions with demand
11.40Lizet Krabbenborg - How to measure the influence of a trial on stakeholders’ acceptability of a smart road pricing instrument?Heleen Stellingwerf - Collaborative Transportation to improve sustainability: a case study in Dutch fresh food logistics Tim van Oijen- Developing a system-efficient activity scheduling tool for active modes
Transport & Mobility IILogistics & Transport Organisation IIInfrastructure & Traffic Management IIIInfrastructure & Traffic Management I
Changing travel behaviour - Chair: Karel BrookhuisSCM - Chair: Lori TavasszyTraffic flow (modeling) - Chair: Victor KnoopRail and maritime control - Chair: Marieke Martens
13.00Bingyuan Huang - On personalized positive interventions to reduce car use: a micro-experiment to promote cycling Bob Castelein - Efficiency issues in reefer container supply chainsJeroen van der Gun - Extending the Link Transmission Model with general concave fundamental diagrams and capacity dropsNadjla Ghaemi - railway disruption, traffic controllers - Mixed Integer Linear Programme
13.20Danique Ton - A descriptive analysis of trip chaining behavior of active mode travel in Dutch urban environments Jose Lopez - LNG: the replenishment of LNG refueling stations and intermediate storage facilities.Panchamy Krishnakumari - Topological Coarsening Scheme for Generating Multiscale Road NetworksGerben Scheepmaker - Energy-efficient train control including regenerative braking with catenary efficiency
13.40Baiba Pudane - Value of reliability: comparison of several scheduling models via a stated preference survey and case study of SingaporeMasoud Mirzaei - Cluster-based Storage systemPaul van Erp - Evaluation of data-based estimation error characteristics used in macroscopic traffic state estimationPengling Wang - Train Trajectory Optimization of Multi-Trains on Single-Track Railway Lines
14.00Lara-Britt Zomer - Simulation Approach for Generating Landmarks based on Cognitive Wayfinding Strategies in Urban Environments.Viet Nguyen - value of information in supply chain redesign Shengye Yao - advice on lane change - , a genetic algorithm as a heuristic method Linying Chen - Autonomous Control for Cooperative Multi-Vessel Systems
14.20Na Chen - Scenario-based multi-objective automated driving strategies for safe and efficient trafficArpan Rijal - Cross-docks scheduling Boudewijn Zwaal - Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram: Necessary and sufficient conditions
Transport & Mobility IIILogistics & Transport Organisation IIITransport & Mobility VInfrastructure & Traffic Management II
Public transport - Chair: Henk MeursTransportation networks - Chair: Rob van der HeijdenAutomated driving - Chair: Bart van AremRisk and maintenance - Chair: Rob Goverde
15.00 Xiaochen Ma - classify travel groups and preference modes : a latent class cluster Masoud Khakdaman - Synchromodal demand modelling/forecastingJuan Pablo Núñez Velasco - Automated driving in urban areas: a conceptual framework based on literatureXavier Bellsolà Olba - Vessel traffic risk analysis in ports based on expert judgment
15.20Yihong Wang - Exploring the use of public transport smart card data to model the location choice for after-work activities: an application to Shanghai Kasper Kerkman - transit network design strategies on the spatial pattern of passenger flowsSilvia Varotto - Modelling Driver Behaviour in Control Transitions between Adaptive Cruise Control and Manual DrivingYongqiu Zhu - System-based Vulnerability Measures for Railway Systems
15.40Wei Yang - A framework for matching mobility culture and transport demand managements measures Ni Luh Putu Pratidinatri - Network Optimization and Regional Disparities: Archipelagic CountryBo Zhang - Are you ready to take over? An eye movement study in simulated truck platooning scenarios Alireza Alemi - Railway wheel defect detection by means of multiple sensors and data fusion
16.00Ding Luo - Short-term public transport demand predictionAyu Andani - Does Decentralization Matter? The Effect of Toll-Road Investment on the Decision-Making Process of Local Transport Infrastructure Projects in IndonesiaFreddy Mullakkal Babu - Safety indicators for impact assessment of automated highway driving Alf Smolders - performance interaction model (PIM) for the inter-organizational relationship in the Dutch rail maintenance market
16.20Xiao Lin - Integrated approach for perishable goods logistics
18.00 Conference dinner


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