Most TRAIL-universities, that are responsible for granting PhD degrees, have strict education rules for PhD students within their local Graduate Schools. Please check out these rules!

In general, local Graduate Schools provide generic PhD courses on research theory, methods, and skills. TRAIL Research School provides specific courses relevant for the Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics (TIL)-domain. TRAIL welcomes all PhD students for following TIL-courses.

The TRAIL T&E program consists of three parts:

  • Basic TRAIL-courses
  • General TRAIL courses
  • TRAIL Specialization courses

Basic courses support PhD students to become TRAIL scholars: scholars with a basis of knowledge and skills about all TRAIL-related areas, the domains of transport, infrastructure, and logistics. These fundamental courses are considered highly important, as these give the PhD student a solid framework, based upon which he/she can choose future research directions, better explain his/her research to TRAIL colleagues (and non-TRAIL-ers), as well as understand the research approaches and outcomes of TRAIL colleagues.

General courses are follow-up courses on some basic courses and/or courses independent of the specialization (T, I, or L) of the student.

Specialization courses are advanced courses that can be chosen according to the individual needs and preferences of the student. TRAIL offers three specializations (in line with the TRAIL research themes): Transport, Infrastructure, and Logistics (T, I, and L). 

TRAIL encourages its PhD students to follow courses in the TIL domain at other Research Schools and elsewhere. Currently, TRAIL PhD students can follow courses for free at Beta, Disc, STREEM, GP-OML (Graduate Program Operations Management and Logistics), ERIM en NETHUR in which TRAIL participates). See also page 1 of the attached TRAIL T&E Program.

► For detailed information on the set-up of the TRAIL T&E program, ECTS, course fees, registration etc. please read the attached document or contact the TRAIL office.

► For pratical information on each of our courses, please visit the ‘Agenda’ of this website.


TRAIL T E Program and Rules – May 2020