Course – TRAIL Data-analysis and Statistics

December 10, 2014
 In this course attendees will actively work on solving concrete statistical problems in the domains of transport, infrastructure and logistics using various (parametric and non-parametric) data-analysis techniques. The course will extensively treat the basic principles behind statistical modelling so that attendees really understand what the results of statistical tests mean. To emphasize that good data quality is a necessary condition for any subsequent statistical testing, different data collections techniques will be treated (on day 1) on their strengths and weaknesses discussed.

Day 1 – Probability density functions, basic principles behind statistical modelling, descriptive statistics and bivariate data-analysis techniques

Day 2 – Data collections techniques in the domains of transport, infrastructure and logistics

Day 3 – Bivariate data-analysis techniques and multiple regression

Please find more detailed information in the attached document.

Dinalog Schiphol
Event Type: 
TRAIL OML course

Dr. Maarten Kroesen
Dr. Raymond Hoogendoorn

ECTS: 1 (attendance) / 3 (with assignment)

TUD GS credits: 2 (attendance) / 5 (with assignment)

Participation: free for TRAIL/Beta/OML members, others please contact the TRAIL office

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