Seminar – A New Look at Accessibility, Transport and Well-being – fully boooked

September 26, 2018 10.00 - 11.30 h

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Travel is one of the most important facilitators of life and has been widely acknowledged as a prerequisite for economic and social activity. Research linking transport, social exclusion and well-being has developed through a number of leading studies over the last decade. However, despite the prominence of accessibility as a goal of transport policy, almost all studies linking transport to well-being focus on mobility (e.g. number of trips) rather than accessibility (the potential to access destinations). Furthermore, the relationship between transport and well-being may not be linear; is there a point after which one more trip, or one more potentially accessible location, no longer increases well-being?

This seminar will report on a collaborative project between Dr. Delbosc from Monash University, Prof. Van Wee and A/Prof. Kroesen of TU Delft/TPM and Dr. Sascha Hoogdendoorn and Mr. De Haas of KiM. The project used the Dutch MPN and LISS panel surveys to take a new look at the relationship between accessibility, transport and well-being. It examined which destinations and accessibility measures were associated with greater well-being. It also examined whether there was a non-linear relationship between transport and well-being. The findings have significant implications both for theories of transport equity and for transport and land-use policy.

Dr Alexa Delbosc is a Senior Lecturer at the Monash Institute of Transport Studies in the Department of Civil Engineering. She is an Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher conducting a study of the changing travel behaviour of Australian millennials. She draws from her Master’s in social psychology from Harvard University and PhD in Transport from Monash University to study the intersection between the transport system, individual travel and societal quality of life.

Programme seminar
Chairman: Prof. Vincent Marchau

10.00 – 10.05    Welcome & opening
10.05 – 10.35    Presentation by Alexa Belbosc
10.35 – 10.50    Reflection on the presentation by Maarten Kroesen
10.50 – 11.00    Q & A
11.00 – 11.30     Discussion

Location: TU Delft, TPM, Jaffalaan 5 in Delft
Room: Classroom H
Registration: Participation is free, registration is required: click here.

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