Seminar – Applications of Data and Network Science in Transportation

February 27, 2020 10.00 - 12.05 h

On 27 February 2020, at 15:00, TRAIL PhD researcher Panchamy Krishnan Krishnakumari will defend her PhD thesis “Multiscale Pattern Recognition of Transport Network Dynamics and its Applications — a birds eye view on traffic” at Delft University of Technology. The defence is public, and you are invited to join.

Moreover, on the occasion of this public defence, TRAIL and TU Delft have set up a seminar on applications of data and network science in transportation. In line with the broad scope of Panchamies work—from data science and machine learning, to computer science and network science and all this in the context of transportation networks—we have invited a promotion committee whose expertise spans the same breadth. Three of them agreed to share some of their latest research and insights in this morning seminar.

Prof Mike Bell will discuss an innovative method which applies network science to better understand and design the connectivity of the global container shipment network. Prof Francesco Viti will discuss transport at the scale of metropolitan networks and particularly how we can estimate and predict demand patterns using a combination of data and models. Prof Francisco Pereira will discuss an application of data science at the other end of the spectrum of scales within transportation: the individual decision maker. He will show how machine learning approaches can be used as viable alternatives to classic discrete choice models from behavioural economics.

Registration: participation is free, registration is required: click here.

Programme seminar – more detailed information in the PdF below
Chairman: Hans van Lint

10:00 – 10:05 Introduction

10:05 – 10:45 Mike Bell (University of Sydney)

10:45 – 11:25 Francesco Viti (University of Luxemburg)

11:25 – 12:05 Francisco Pereira (Denmark Technical University)

12.05 – 12.45 Lunch

Location: TU Delft, Aula, Mekelweg 5

Room: Commissiekamer 3

Public defence Panchamy Krishnakumari
At 15:00 h the public defence starts in the Senaatszaal of the Aula.
At 14:30 h Panchamy will give a brief presentation about her research in the same room.

Program seminar Panchamy – 27 Feb. 2020

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