Seminar – Managing Railway Disruptions and Large Delays

July 4, 2018 13.15 - 16.00 h

On the occasion of the public defence of TRAIL researcher Nadjla Ghaemi, TRAIL and TU Delft have set up a seminar on ‘Managing Railway Disruptions and Large Delays’.

In this seminar four speakers will present the latest insights into disruption management and dealing with large delays. Dr. Pellegrini considers real-time rerouting and rescheduling in case of traffic perturbations. She proposes a decomposition method to deal with large instances. Prof. Corman considers the automatic identification of disruptions in dense railway and multimodal networks based on multiple data sources. In addition, he presents multi-objective rescheduling models to manage disruptions on railway networks with limited capacity considering the impact to different travellers. Dr. Cats looks at methods to quantify the impact of disruptions and alternative mitigation measures at the strategic, tactical and operational levels, while taking into consideration passenger route choices and the resulting passenger flow distribution. He focusses on urban railway public transport network design, maintenance planning, and real-time information provision. Finally, prof. Huisman considers out-of-control situations due to the many uncertainties surrounding big disruptions. He proposes complex network theory to predict the evolution of out-of-control situations and develop new disruption management techniques based on the generated insights.

Programme seminar
Chairman: Prof. Rob Goverde

13.15 – 13.40    Lunch
13.40 – 13.45    Opening and welcome
13.45 – 14.15    Dr. Paola Pellegrini (IFSTTAR, France) – A Benders decomposition for the real-time Railway Traffic Management Problem
14.15 – 14.45    Prof. Francesco Corman (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) – Disruption identification and handling: theoretical and practical examples from Zurich
14.45 – 15.00    Break
15.00 – 15.30    Dr. Oded Cats (TU Delft, Netherlands) – Robust passenger transport systems: Network, operations and user adaptations
15.30 – 16.00    Prof. Dennis Huisman (EUR, Netherlands) – A next step in disruption management: Combining Operations Research and Complexity Science

TU Delft, 3ME, Collegezaal E

Participation is free, registration is required: click here.

Public defence Nadjla Ghaemi
At 10:00 h the public defence starts in the Senaatszaal of the Aula.
At 9:30 h Nadjla will give a brief presentation about her research in the same room.

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