Seminar – Passengers and Disruption Management

December 16, 2019 13.00 - 15.20 h

Train delays and cancellations cannot be avoided completely because of various unexpected events, which occur to the railways almost every day. Under the circumstance, it is important to recover the railways rapidly back to the normal status, and meanwhile reduce the negative impact to passengers as much as possible. The speakers in this seminar will discuss how to manage large railway incidents (generally called disruptions), as well as the way of measuring and modelling passenger delay.

13:00-13:30  Opening, welcome and lunch
13:30-14:00  Prof. Rob M.P. Goverde (DUT) – Dealing with Railway Disruptions
14:00-14:30  Prof. Dennis Huisman (EUR) – A Local Search Heuristic for Rolling Stock Rescheduling
14:30-15:00  Prof. Otto Anker Nielsen (TU of Denmark) – Passenger Delay Measurement and Modelling
15:00-15:20  Discussion

TU Delft, Aula

Commissiekamer 3

Participation is free, registration is required: click here.

Public defence Yongqiu Zhu
At 10:00 h the public defence starts in the Senaatszaal of the Aula.
At 09:30 h Yongqiu will give a brief presentation about her research in the same room.

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