Seminar – The Impact of Public Transport Investment on Property Prices = cancelled =

April 1, 2020 11.30 - 13.30 h

= Due to the corona virus this seminar is cancelled =

What do we know about value uplift and what sort of uplift do we see in Australia?
by Prof. Em. Corinne Mulley

Funding transport infrastructure is one of the greatest challenges faced by government today but if successfully navigated can create the biggest push to sustainability of our cities by providing the opportunity to encourage mode shift from private car to more sustainable modes.

The theory has been around for a long time but the basic idea is that accessibility drives land rent gradients with higher rents reflecting higher accessibility. New public transport investment increases accessibility for some land values which in turn increases land values – this is what is called uplift.

Uplift has gained in importance and interest since governments are seeking to understand whether this uplift can be ‘captured’ to help fund new infrastructure. Clearly, the amount of uplift that occurs will determine how much can be captured, hence the topic of this TRAIL seminar.

Professor Emerita Corinne Mulley was the inaugural Chair of Public Transport at the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies at the University of Sydney. Corinne is a transport economist and was active in transport research at the interface of transport policy and economics.

During her career Corinne concentrated on specific issues relating to public transport. She led a high profile European and UK consortia undertaking benchmarking in urban public transport and has provided both practical and strategic advice to local and national governments on transport evaluation, including economic impact analysis, benchmarking, rural transport issues, and public transport management. Professor Mulley’s research is motivated by a need to provide evidence for policy initiatives and she has been involved in such research at local, regional, national and European levels.

Programme seminar
Chairman: Prof. Bert van Wee

11.30 – 11.35    Opening and welcome
11.35 – 12.00    Prof. Em. Corinne Mulley
12.00 – 12.15    Dr. Jan Anne Annema – reflecting on the lecture by Prof. Mulley
12.15 – 12.30    Getting a sandwich
12.30 – 13.30    Discussion with the audience / Q&A

Location: TU Delft, faculty TPM (Jaffalaan 5)

Room: J (directions)

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