Seminar – Transport Models & Innovative Pricing Measures

May 16, 2017 08.45 - 11.15 h

On 16 May 2017, TRAIL PhD researcher Erik-Sander Smits will defend his PhD thesis “Strategic Network Modelling for Passenger Transport Pricing” at Delft University of Technology.

On the occasion of his public defence, TRAIL and TU Delft have set up a seminar on: ‘Transport Models & Innovative Pricing Measures: the solution to future transport challenges’.

People’s mobility is substantial in everyday life. At the same time, congestion and emissions are undesired effects of this mobility. These problems have engaged politicians, policy makers, economists, and engineers for decades already. Despite the effort, sustainable accessibility and mobility are still far from reality. In his PhD thesis, Erik-Sander Smits develops and applies new modelling techniques – both for mobility and travel choices made by people, and for pricing and transport-service choices made by stakeholders – that support the negotiation and implementation of innovative pricing measures. In the seminar, members of the PhD committee zoom in to elaborate on a number of selected facets of transport pricing.

Programme seminar
Chairman: Adam Pel

08.45-09.15     Prof. Caspar Chorus (TU Delft)
Inferring the implicit price of travel time: Contrasting random valuation and random utility methods.
09.15-09.45     Prof. Erik Verhoef (VU Amsterdam)
Dynamic equilibrium at a congestible facility under market power.
10.15-10.45     Prof. Chris Tampère (KU Leuven)
10.45-11.15     Prof. Kai Axhausen (ETH Zürich)
Autonomous vehicles: What can we expect?

The seminar is fully booked.

Public defence Erik-Sander Smits
At 12:30 h the public defence starts in the Senaatszaal of the Aula, TU Delft.
At 12:00 h Erik-Sander will give a brief presentation about his research in the same room.

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