Seminar – What Makes a Transport System ‘Fair’?

April 12, 2017 12.00 - 14.30 h

= This seminar is fully booked =


Recently, long-term TRAIL member Karel Martens published a new book titled ‘Transport Justice: Designing Fair Transportation Systems’.

In his book, Martens outlines a radically new perspective on transport planning. Drawing on philosophies of justice, Martens makes the case that all citizens are entitled to a sufficient level of accessibility. This claim delineates the role of governments: they have the moral duty to act when their citizens experience insufficient accessibility. This moral duty has far-reaching consequences for the practice of transport planning. It implies a departure from the traditional focus on the functioning of transport networks towards a perspective that starts from the people who use those networks. It results to the identification of transport problems that have been largely ignored in mainstream practice. And it implies a fundamentally different approach to the way in which transport investments and services are being financed.

In this seminar, Martens will present the key argument from his book. This will be followed by critical reflections of two other TRAIL members: Caspar Chorus and Jos Arts. The final part of the program is reserved for debate with the audience.

The academic seminar is intended for researchers interested in the (philosophical) foundations of transport policy and planning.

Chairman: Prof. Bert van Wee, TU Delft

12.00   Welcome & lunch
12.30   Lecture Karel Martens
13.00   Discussant 1: Prof. Caspar Chorus, TU Delft
13.15   Discussant 2: Prof. Jos Arts, University of Groningen and Rijkswaterstaat
13.30   Plenary discussion
14.20   Closing remarks, Bert van Wee
14.30   End of seminar

Location: TU Delft, Faculty Industrial Design Engineering

Room: Wim Crouwel Room (first floor)

Participation is free, registration is required: click here.

This seminar is followed by ‘Een maatschappelijk debat met Karel Martens: Bereikbaarheid voor iedereen?’ Chaired by Prof. Bert van Wee and co-organised by Vekeerskunde/Acquire Publishing. You are also welcome to participate in this event (language will be Dutch), for more information and registration: click here.

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