• Supervisory Board, consisting of formal representatives of the participating universities (deans), chaired by a independent chairperson;
  • Management team, consisting of the Scientific Director and the Managing Director (also functioning as Deputy Scientific Director), chaired by the Scientific Director;
  • Program Board, consisting of representatives of all participating research groups (professors or group leaders), chaired by the (Deputy) Scientific Director.
  • Ph.D. Council, consisting of representatives of TRAIL Ph.D.s, chaired by one of the members of the Council.

The activities of TRAIL Research School are supported by the TRAIL Office

Dr. ir. L.F.M. van den AarsenChairman
Prof. W.B.F. BrouwerErasmus University Rotterdam – Rotterdam School of Management
Prof. drs. A.S. HassoldtDelft University of Technology – Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
Prof. dr. ir. R.E.C.M. van der HeijdenRadboud University Nijmegen – Nijmegen School of Management
Prof. dr. ir. J.D. JansenDelft University of Technology – Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Prof. dr. ir. H.F.J.M. KoopmanUniversity of Twente - Fac. Engineering Technology
Prof. dr. S. RasooliEindhoven University of Technology – Faculty of Architecture
Prof. dr. P.C. VerhoefUniversity of Groningen - Faculty of Economics and Business

The management is responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the research school and for its supporting organisation (the TRAIL Office). The management prepares the strategy for the research school and executes the resulting actions. The management team is chaired by the Scientific Director.

Dr. Jan Anne Annema, Scientific Director (as of June 1, 2023)

Prof. dr. ir. Vincent A.W.J. Marchau, Managing Director & Deputy Scientific Director

The program board represents all member faculties and institutes and advises the management on the research program, the educational program and the knowledge transfer activities. Program board members are strongly involved in research, educational and other activities of the research school.

MemberUniversityFaculty / InstituteSpecialism
Prof. dr. Bert van Wee (chairman)TRAIL & TU DelftTechnology, Policy and ManagementTransport & Mobility
Prof. dr. Eric van BerkumUTEngineering TechnologyInfrastructure & Traffic Management
Dr. Caspar ChorusTU DelftTechnology, Policy and ManagementTransport & Mobility
Prof. dr. ir. Bart De SchutterTU delftMechanical, Marine and Materials EngineeringLogistics & Transport Organisation
Prof. dr. ir. Serge HoogendoornTU DelftCiviel Engineering and GeoSciencesInfrastructure & Traffic Management
Prof. dr. ir. Rene de KosterEURRSM Erasmus UniversityLogistics & Transport Organisation
Prof. dr. ir. Vincent MarchauTU Delft/RU NijmegenTRAILTransport & Mobility
Prof. dr. Henk MeursRU NijmegenNijmegen School of ManagementTransport & Mobility
Felix Pot MScRUGRepresentative TRAIL PhD Council
Prof. dr. Soora RasouliTUEArchitecture, Building and PlanningTransport & Mobility
Prof. dr. Kees Jan RoodbergenRUGFaculty of Economics and BusinessQuantitative Logistics
Prof. dr. Lorant TavasszyTU DelftTechnology, Policy and ManagementLogistics & Transport Organisation
Prof. dr. Dick de WaardRUGFaculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences Transport & Mobility

The Ph.D. council represents the Ph.D. candidates that are member of the research school. You can find more about the members in the section PhD Council. 


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