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Within the domain of ‘Logistics’, current research has been defined within three subthemes:

Supply Chains, Reverse & Closed Loop Logistics
Research on the globalised logistics chains between sources, factories, intermediates, retailers and final consumers.

Logistics Process Control
Research on the development of dynamic planning and control systems, on logistic concept development in multi-actor environments and on process development in which the newest ICT capabilities are used.

Freight Distribution
Research on multi-player optimisation models and collaborative systems in urban freight distribution and the allocation of warehouses and optimisation of warehouse processes (order picking).

Please, also take not of earlier research programs in which TRAIL and TRAIL researchers participated:

  • Freight Transport Automation and Multi Modality¬†(TU Delft research program)
  • Automated Underground Transport Systems (ICES-KIS3 OLS research program)
  • Urban Freight Distribution (ICES-KIS3 & FTAM research program)
  • Container transport and transhipment optimisation (ICES-KIS1,2 and 3 FAMAS programs)


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