• Amalia Huang

    Amalia Huang

    Decision making, Decision support
  • Niharika Mahajan

    Niharika Mahajan

    Traffic control, Traffic Management
  • Gert-Jaap Polinder

    Gert-Jaap Polinder

    Line plan, Optimisation, Railway planning, Timetabling
  • Lara-Britt Zomer

    Lara-Britt Zomer

    Cognitive mapping, Experimental design, Graph Theory, Urbanization, Wayfinding behaviour
  • Shengyue Yao

    Shengyue Yao

    Control, Estimation, Lane Specific, Traffic state
  • Ayu Andani

    Ayu Andani

    Accessibility, Social network, Transport Infrastructure, Urbanization
  • Paul van Gent

    Paul van Gent

    Congestion Reduction, Driver Support System, Driver Workload, Lane Change Assistant, User Acceptance
  • Bo Zhang

    Bo Zhang

    Human factors, Situational Awareness, Transition of control
  • Ifigenia Psarra

    A Bounded Rationality Model of Short and Long-Term Dynamics of Activity-Travel BehaviorAgent Based System, Decision making, Travel behavior
  • Aries van Beinum

    Aries van Beinum

    Turbulent traffic
  • Marie-Jose Olde Kalter

    Marie-Jose Olde Kalter

    Decision making
  • Paul van Erp

    Paul van Erp

    Traffic Management
  • Nilesh Anand

    Nilesh Anand

    Agent Based System, City Logistics, multi-stakeholder, Ontology, Participatory simulation game
  • Pengling Wang

    Pengling Wang

    Model predictive control
  • Sayed Mohammadebrahim Derakhshani

    Sayed Mohammadebrahim Derakhshani

    Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Conveyor, Discrete Element Method (DEM), Numerical Modelling
  • Geert Tasseron

    Geert Tasseron

    Agent Based System, Intelligent transportation system, Parking, Vehicle to vehicle
  • Bram de Jonge

    Bram de Jonge

  • Le Li

    Le Li

    Distributed model predictive control, Intermodal freight transport
  • Bart van Riessen

    Bart van Riessen

    Containers, Hinterland, Intermodal, Optimisation, Synchromodality
  • Xiao Lin

    Xiao Lin

    Logistics, Model predictive control, Perishables
  • Mariska van Essen

    Mariska van Essen

    Network optimization, Route choice behaviour, Travel information
  • Silvia Varotto

    Silvia Varotto

    Authority transactions, Automation, Human factors, Microscopic modelling, Traffic flow efficiency
  • Soora Rasouli

    Soora Rasouli

    Activity-based modelling, Regret based modelling, Social network, Uncertainty analysis
  • Yu Hu

    Yu Hu

    Mixture model, Model predictive control, Traffic control, Urban traffic optimization
  • Bernat Goni Ros

    Bernat Goni Ros

    Traffic flow simulation, Traffic flow theory, Traffic Management
  • Xiao Liang

    Xiao Liang

    Automated taxis, Demand forecasting, Electric vehicle, Operation research
  • Ties Brands

    Ties Brands

    Decision support, Genetic algorithms, Infrastructure planning, Multi-objective optimization, Multimodal networks, Passenger transportation
  • Eleni Charoniti

    Eleni Charoniti

    Activity-based modelling, Choice modelling, Decision making, Risky choice, Travel behavior, Uncertainty
  • Dorine Duives

    Dorine Duives

    Traffic flow theory
  • Shalini Kurapati

    Shalini Kurapati

    Container terminals, Disruption management, Sea port operations, Shared situational awareness, Simulation gaming
  • Joris Wagenaar

    Joris Wagenaar

    Disruption management, Operations management, Passenger transportation, Railway planning

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