PhD application

How to become a TRAIL PhD member

Joining TRAIL has many advantages, besides becoming part of the largest academic transport, infrastructure, and logistics community in the Netherlands. To all her PhD’s, TRAIL will provide support by meeting every student two or three times during their PhD student career to discuss their research and introduce them to the relevant group of research specialists within TRAIL. Being part of TRAIL allows you to take part in TRAIL’s unique course program. Also, TRAIL supports her PhD students with the printing of their thesis.

Quick Starters Guide (QSG) for PhD Students
The QSG provides information in terms of what TRAIL has to offer to her PhD students, how to become a TRAIL PhD student, an introduction to the TRAIL Training & Education program and the support TRAIL offers during the research process.

Please find the ‘Quick Starters Guide’ attached to this page.

Register as a TRAIL PhD student
1. Fill in the Application Form (after reading the QSG), have it signed by your thesis supervisor and send it to TRAIL.
2. After receiving the application form, the TRAIL office will contact the PhD student to make an appointment for an introductory talk with Dr. Jan Anne Annema, scientific director of TRAIL.

For being admitted as a TRAIL PhD member, you have to be a PhD student at one of the affiliated universities. Also, at least one of your supervisors should be a Staff Member of TRAIL.

If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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