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Truck Platooning: planning and behaviourKishore BhoopalamT2021/32Dec-21978-90-5892-618-0
Public Transport and Passengers: optimization models that consider travel demandJohann HartlebT2021/31Sep-21978-90-5892-609-8
Robotized Warehouses: design and performance analysisKaveh AzadehT2021/30Feb-21978-90-5892-592-3
Coordination Strategies of Connected and Automated Vehicles near On-ramp Bottlenecks on MotorwaysNa ChenT2021/29Dec-21978-90-5584-304-6
Factors influencing Physical Distribution Structure DesignSander OnsteinT2021/28Dec-21978-90-5584-303-9
Dynamics in Mode Choice BehaviourMarie-José Olde KalterT2021/27Nov-21978-90-5584-302-2
Solving Large-Scale Dynamic Collaborative Vehicle Routing Problems: an Auction-Based Multi-Agent ApproachJohan LosT2021/26Nov-21978-90-5584-301-5
On the Demand for Flexible and Responsive Freight Transportation ServicesMasoud KhakdamanT2021/25Sep-21978-90-5584-300-8
Macroscopic Characteristics of Bicycle Traffic Flow: A bird's-eye view of cyclingMarie-Jette WierbosT2021/24Sep-21978-90-5584-299-5
Synchronization Control of Perturbed Passenger and Freight OperationsWenhua QuT2021/23July-21978-90-5584-298-8
Highway Traffic Congestion PatternsTin NguyenT2021/22July-21978-90-5584-297-1
Time Use and Travel Behaviour with Automated VehiclesBaiba PudaneT2021/21July-21978-90-5584-296-4
Your Car Knows BestPaul van GentT2021/20July-21978-90-5584-295-7
Modeling Human Spatial Behavior Through Big Mobility DataYihong WangT2021/19June-21978-90-5584-293-3
The Interplay between Land Use, Travel Behaviour and Attitudes: a Quest for CausalityPaul van de CoeveringT2021/18June-21978-­90-­5584-­290-­2
Operational Control Solutions for Traffic Management on a Network LevelRamon LandmanT2021/17June-21978-90-5584-292-6
Unravelling Urban WayfindingLara-Britt ZomerT2021/16May-21978-90-5584-291-9
Should I Stop or Should I Cross?Pablo Núñez VelascoT2021/15May-21978-90-5584-289-6
Speed up to safe interactionsKirsten Pouwels-DuivenvoordenT2021/14April-21978-90-5584-288-9
Lane-specific Traffic Flow ControlH.H.S Nagalur SubravetiT2021/13March-21978-90-5584-287-2
Dynamic Fleet Management for Autonomous VehiclesBreno Alves BeirigoT2021/12March-21978-90-5584-286-5
Taking Back the Wheel: Transition of control from automated cars and trucks to manual drivingBo ZhangT2021/11Feb-21978-90-5584-284-1
Exploring, developing and evaluating in-car HMI to support appropriate use of automated carsAnika BoelhouwerT2021/10Jan-21978-90-365-5106-9
Development of an Integrated Analytical Model to Predict the Wet Collapse Pressure of Flexible RisersXiao LiT2021/9Feb-21978-90-5584-285-8
Surface Crack Growth in Metallic Pipes Reinforced with Composite Repair SystemZonchen LiT2021/8Jan-21978-90-5584-283-4
Cyclists in Motion: From data collection to behavioural modelsAlexandra GavriilidouT2021/7Feb-21978-90-5584-282-7
Exploring the Pedestrians Realm: An overview of insights needed for developing a generative system approach to walkabilityRob MethorstT2021/6Feb-21978-90-5584-277-3
To trust or not to trust? Assessment and calibration of driver trust in automated vehiclesFrancesco WalkerT2021/5Feb-21978-90-5584-276-6
Spatial Activity-travel Patterns of CyclistsFlorian SchneiderT2021/4Feb-21978-90-5584-279-7
Design and Optimization of Road Networks for Automated VehiclesBahman MadadiT2021/3Jan-21978-90-5584-272-8
Tradable Credits for Congestion Management: support/reject?Lizet KrabbenborgT2021/2Jan-21978-90-5584-275-9
Accommodating Cold Logistics Chains in Seaport ClustersBob CasteleinT2021/1Jan-21978-90-5584-278-0
Ship Behavior in Ports and Waterways: An empirical perspectiveYang ZhouT2022/17Dec-22978-90-5584-319-0
Wear Behaviour of A Convex Pattern Surface for Bulk Handling EquipmentYunpeng YanT2022/16Dec-22978-90-5584-318-3
Cooperation, Reliability, and Matching in Inland Freight TransportAlberto GiudiciT2022/15Dec-22978-90-5892-642-5
Data-Driven Modelling of Routing and Scheduling in Freight TransportAli Nadi NajafabadiT2022/14Oct-22978-90-5584-317-6
Mind Your Passenger! The passenger capacity of platforms at railway stations in the NetherlandsJeroen van den HeuvelT2022/13Oct-22978-90-5584-315-2
Longitudinal Studies in Travel Behaviour ResearchMathijs de HaasT2022/12Oct-22978-90-5584-314-5
Transit Performance Assessment and Route Choice Modelling Using Smart Card DataMalvika DixitT2022/11Oct-22978-90-5584-313-8
Cooperative Control of Autonomous Multi-Vessel Systems for Floating Object ManipulationZhe DuT2022/10Sep-22978-90-5584-316-9
Real-time Co-planning in Synchromodal Transport Networks using Model Predictive ControlRie LarsenT2022/9Sep-22978-90-5584-312-1
Model-based Control of Large-scale Baggage Handling Systems: Leveraging the theory of linear positive systems for robust scalable control designYashar ZeinalyT2022/8Jun-22978-90-5584-311-4
The Future of Ports in the Physical InternetPatrick FahimT2022/7May-22978-90-5584-310-7
Assessing Reference Dependence in Travel Choice BehaviourBing HuangT2022/6May-22978-90-5584-309-1
A Multiscale View on Bikeability of Urban NetworksGiulia ReggianiT2022/5May-22978-90-5584-308-4
Online Grocery Operations in Omni-channel Retailing: Opportunities and ChallengesJoydeep PaulT2022/4Mar-22978-90-5892-627-2
Cooperative Urban Driving Strategies at Signalized IntersectionsMeiqi LiuT2022/3Jan-22978-90-5584-307-7
Pedestrian Wayfinding and Evacuation in Virtual RealityYan FengT2022/2Jan-22978-90-5584-306-0
Energy-efficient Train TimetablingGerben ScheepmakerT2022/1Jan-22978-90-5584-305-3
Modeling Urban Automated Mobility on-Demand Systems: an Agent-Based ApproachSenlei WangT2023/1Jan-23978-90-5584-322-0
Variations in Urban TrafficOskar EikenbroekT2023/2Feb-23978-90-5584-321-3
Design and Evaluation of Dedicated Lanes for Connected and Automated VehiclesSolmaz Razmi RadT2023/3Mar-23978-90-5584-323-7
Vulnerability through Vertical Collaboration in Transportation: A complex networks approachCamill HarterT2023/4Mar-23978-90-5892-659-3
Uncertainty Quantification and Predictability Analysis for Traffic Forecasting at Multiple ScalesGuopeng LiT2023/5Apr-23978-90-5584-324-4
Improving Environmental Sustainability of Regional Railway ServicesMarko KapetanovićT2023/6Jun-23978-90-5584-325-1
Flexible, Dynamic, and Collaborative Synchromodal Transport Planning Considering PreferencesYimeng ZhangT2023/7Jun-23978-90-5584-326-8
Route Choice Behaviour under Uncertainty in Public Transport NetworksSanmay ShelatT2023/8Jun-23978-90-5584-327-5
Moral Values, Behaviour, and the SelfTom van den BergT2023/9May-23978-90-5584-328-2
Towards Closed-loop Maintenance Logistics for Offshore Wind FarmsMingxin LiT2023/10Jul-23978-90-5584-329-9
Cooperation between Vessel Service Providers for Port Call Performance ImprovementShahrzad NikghadamT2023/11Jul-23978-90-5584-331-2
The Extra Mile: Perceived accessibility in rural areaFelix PotT2023/12Sep-23978-90-5584-332-9
Impact Assessment of Train-Centric Rail Signaling TechnologiesJoelle AounT2023/13Oct-23978-90-5584-333-6
Data-driven Methods to Study Individual Choice BehaviourIgnacio HernandezT2023/14Oct-23978-90-5584-334-3
Incorporating Congestion Phenomena into Large Scale Strategic Transport Model SystemsLuuk BrederodeT2023/15Oct-23978-90-5584-330-5
Multi-Level and Learning-Based Model Predictive Control for Traffic ManagementDingshan SunT2023/16Oct-23978-90-5584-335-0
Supply-side Behavioural Dynamics and Operations of Ride-sourcing PlatformsPeyman AshkrofT2023/17Oct-23978-90-5584-336-7
On-trip Behavior of Truck Drivers on FreewaysSalil SharmaT2023/18Oct-23978-90-5584-337-4
A Flexible Behavioral Framework to Model Mobility-on-Demand Service Choice PreferencesSubodh DubeyT2023/19Nov-23978-90-5584-338-1
The Impact of Public Transport Disruptors on Travel BehaviourNejc GeržiničT2023/20Dec-23978-90-5584-339-8
Drivers’ Behaviour on Freeway Curve ApproachJohan VosT2024/1Jan-24978-90-5584-340-4
Understanding and modelling individual preferences for Mobility as a ServiceValeria CaiatiT2024/2Mar-24978-90-5584-341-1
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