Papers 2013

Empirical Analysis to Estimate the Interaction of Heterogeneous Traffic FlowAmbarwati, LasminiPaper
Biofuels: A Key Factor for Sustainability of Airline IndustryAraghi, YasharPaper
Detecting Time Interval Patterns from Smart Card DataBouman, PaulPaper
Multi-Objective, Multi-Modal Transportation Network Design: Robustness AnalysisBrands, TiesPaper
Core Probability Model: Efficient Sensitivity ModellingCalvert, SimeonAbstract
Developing New Methods for Efficient Container Stacking OperationsGharehgozli, AmirPaper
Modeling Driving Behavior and Traffic Flow at SagsGoñi Ros, BernatPaper
Aircraft Taxiing Strategy OptimizationIthnan, M. IzzudinPaper
Interaction of Transport Infrastructure and Urbanisation in the Netherlands: A Historical ReviewKasraian, DenaPaper
Temporal Effects in Adaptations of Daily Commuter Trip Choices in Response to Reward Scheme: A Panel Effects Mixed Logit Model Allowing for Covariance between Adaptation StrategiesKhademi, Elaheh Paper
Traffic Flow and Emission Control Based on FASTLANE and the Multi-Class VTLiu, ShuaiPaper
Driver Heterogeneity in Rubbernecking Behaviour at an Incident SiteRhasbudin Shah, ShahreenaPaper
Modeling the Evolution of Dynamics in Activity-Travel Behavior: Results of Numerical SimulationsPsarra, IfigeniaPaper
Factors Influencing Compliance to Tactical Driver Advice: An Assessment Using a Think-Aloud ProtocolRisto, MaltePaper
An exploration of the inland terminal market in the EUSaeedi, HamidPaper
Planning under Uncertainty for Coordinating Infrastructural MaintenanceScharpff, Joris Paper
Modeling the Long Term Dynamics of Mode Choice and Duration of Social and Recreational ActivitiesSharmeen, FariyaPaper
Improving Urban Parking Through Better Information: The Potential Impact of Vehicle-to-Vehicle CommunicationTasseron, Geert Paper
Maintenance in the Rolling Stock Rescheduling ModelWagenaar, JorisPaper
The Effects of Fuel Price on Dynamics of Activity-Travel Repertoires: Results of Heckman’s Two Stage Probit Regression Model Using GPS DataYang, DujuanPaper
A Next Generation Container PortZaerpour, NimaPaper

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