Papers & Posters 2012

The multi-threshold queue - an innovative track modelNiek BaerAbstract
Multi-objective optimization of multimodal transportation networksTies Brands Paper
Efficient real time OD matrix estimation based on principal component analysisTamara DjukicPaper
Crowd movements during exceptional eventsDorine DuivesPoster
Optimal scheduling for the inland transport of containers: facing the trade-off of costs, efficiency and sustainabilityStefano FaziAbstract
Time dependent pollution routing problem (TDPRP)Anna FranceschettiPoster
Impacts of car-following behaviour on traffic flow capacity at SagsBernat Goni RosPoster
Multi-scale traffic flow theory and moddelingMahtab JoueiaiPoster
Offline share-a-ride problem: taxi sharing between passenger and packageBaoxiang LiPoster
Modeling intermodal transport networks - a general frameworkLe LiPaper
Analytical Model of Route-Based Pricing for Time Dependent Traffic AssignmentAnthony OhazulikePaper
Dynamic mechanism design for efficient planning under uncertaintyJoris Scharpff Paper
Scheduled service network design with synchronization and transshipment constraints for intermodal container transportation networksKristina SharypovaAbstract
Identifying effective guaranteed connections in a multimodal networkDaniel SparingPaper
Multimodal horticultural transportation planning and controlMaryam Staedie SaefiPoster
Representing the road infrastructure in Open TrafficGuus TammingaPaper
Vehicle routing with soft time windows and stochastic travel times: a column generation..Duygu TasAbstract
Parking and the effect of information on individual and system performanceGeert TasseronPoster
Stockyard dimensioning for dry bulk terminalsTeus van VianenPaper
Fastlane traffic flow modeling and multi-class dynamic traffic managementWageningen-Kessels, van/Schreiter/YuanPaper (rar)
Controlling Urban Sprawl
Lasmini Ambarwati
Examining consumer preferences on environmental policies designed for sustainable airlineYashar AraghiPaper
Recognizing demand patterns from smart card data for agent-based micro-simulation of public transportPaul BoumanPaper
Explaining intentions to act in favor of or against a local hydrogen refueling facility: a structural equation model based on the technology acceptance frameworkNicole Huijts
Intercoder reliability for qualitative research
You win some, but do you lose some as well?
Niek MouterPaper
Modeling transport pricing with multiple stakeholdersErik-Sander SmitsPaper
The influence of technology specific and economy wide policies on the adoption of a radical eco-innovation: a case study of the introduction of electric vehiclesWilliam SierzchulaPaper
Strategig Joint Design and Pricing in a Multimodal Hinterland NetworkPanagiotis YpsilantisPoster
Samaneh BagheriPoster
Sina BehfardPoster
Value of Reverse Factoring (RF) in multi-stage supply chainsHande CetinayAbstract
A generic material flow control model applied in two industrial sectorsSameh HaneyahAbstract
Process mining approach for recovery of realized train paths and route conflict identificationPavle Kecman
Quality-driven efficiency in healthcare – Integrally redesigning inpatientNikky KortbeekAbstract
Shalini KuraptiPoster
Optimal maintenance policies for a markovian deteriorating system with population heterogeneityChiel van OosteromAbstract
Hamid SaeediPoster
Controlling Collaborative New Product DevelopmentLydie SmetsAbstract
Methodological support for business process redesign in healthcare: towards a comprehensive frameworkRob VanwerscAbstract
Kasper van der VlietPoster
Orders, inventories, and stability: using control theory to quantify behavior and the..Maximiliano UdenioAbstract
Roberto UquilasPoster
Optimal control for coordination of equipment in automated container terminalsJ. XinPaper
Nicolas BesinovicPoster
An interview study among road authoritiesKirsten DuivenvoordenPaper
Passenger flows in disruption management: a dynamic forecast modelEvelien vd HurkPaper
Driver distraction from some theoretical perspectivesAllert KnapperPaper
Dynamic shortest path problem with stochastic disruptionsDerya SeverAbstract
Joris WagenaarPoster
Modelling driver assitance systems by optimal controlMeng WangPaper
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Mignon van den BergPoster
Paul BoumanPoster
The value of inventor statusSharon DolmansAbstract
Network wide service level-oriented route guidance in road traffic networks…Ramon LandmanPaper
Competitive cross-channel effects due to the introduction of a new online channelJing LiAbstract
The service dominant strategy canvasEgon LufteneggerAbstract
The effects of different forms of ICT on accessibility – a behavioural modelZack Lu
Commuters and traffic information: a revealed preference study on route choice behaviorGiselle Moraes RamosPaper
Improving traffic flow on motorways through individual driver advice: a social dilemma?Malte Risto Paper
An urban traffic extension of a freeway driver model for use in the OpenTraffic® open source traffic simulationWouter SchakelPaper
Regien SumoPoster
Yaqing ShuPoster


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