The Transport System and Transport Policy, An Introduction

In 2023, a second edition of the book ‘The Transport System and Transport Policy: An Introduction’ has been released. On this page, you can find the free e-book as well as teaching materials associated with each chapter.

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There is an erratum for this book.

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The transport system and transport policy. An introduction. Second edition



Chapters and teaching materials:


  1. Introduction – Bert van Wee, Jan Anne Annema, David Banister and Baiba Pudāne
  2. The transport system and its effects on accessibility, the environment, safety, health and well-being: an introduction – Bert van Wee
  3. Individual needs, opportunities and travel behaviour: a multidisciplinary perspective based on psychology, economics and geography Martin Dijst, Piet Rietveld, Linda Steg, Janet Veldstra and Erik Verhoef
  4. Freight transport: indicators, determinants and drivers of change – Lóri Tavasszy and Kees Ruijgrok
  5. Land use and transport Bert van Wee
  6. Transport resistance factors: time, money and effort – Jan Anne Annema
  7. Traffic flow theory and modelling – Victor Knoop and Serge Hoogendoorn
  8. Transport technology – Jan Anne Annema
  9. Accessibility: perspectives, measures and applications – Karst Geurs and Bert van Wee
  10. Transport and the environment – Natalia Barbour
  11. Traffic safety – Fred Wegman and Paul Schepers
  12. Travel behaviour and health Bert van Wee and Dick Ettema
  13. Transport policy – Jan Anne Annema
  14. Transport futures research – Vincent Marchau, Warren Walker and Jan Anne Annema
  15. Appraisal methods for transport policy – Niek Mouter and Piet Rietveld
  16. Transportation models and their applications – Gonçalo Homem de Almeida Correia and Bert van Wee


Bert van Wee
Jan Anne Annema
David Banister
Baiba Pudane
Martin Dijst
Piet Rietveld
Linda Steg
Janet Veldstra
Erik Verhoef
Lori Tavasszy
Kees Ruijgrok
Victor Knoop
Serge Hoogendoorn
Karst Geurs
Natalia Barbour
Fred Wegman
Paul Schepers
Dick Ettema
Vincent Marchau
Warren Walker
Niek Mouter
Gonçalo Homem de Almeida Correia