Industry & Policy Practice session – Decarbonizing Road Freight Transport: options and impacts

February 2, 2023 15.00 - 17.00h

Special invitation to all PhD students and Staff Members in Freight & Logistics

What is an industry & policy practice session?
An academic and a practitioner give their views on a complex societal topic and discuss the interface between research and applications in government and industry. The aims of these sessions are (1) to offer a window for TRAIL PhDs to the world outside academia and (2) to train thinking about interfacing between science and practice!

In this session, Dr. Roy van den Berg (CE Delft, Smartport Rotterdam) and Dr. Lori Tavasszy (TU Delft) introduce the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions of road freight transport. Ways to achieve this include changes in consumption and production patterns, logistics re-organization and implementation of new energy sources and carriers. We discuss the expected effectiveness and feasibility of different measures. We present, among others, some key innovation roadmaps for logistics, e.g. from ALICE (European Technology Platform) and PepsiCo. Also we highlight recent research results from outside or beyond academia, e.g. on e-trucks using catenary lines and on the future of synthetic fuels.

Presentations end with propositions about future energy options, which are then discussed within the group. Conclusions are reached together after the 2 presentations, about critical next steps for science and practice.

Registration: click here

Venue: TU Delft (TPM) + online (presentations only)

Room: D1 (ground floor)





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